5 Sleek and Lovely Lingerie Styles

When you don’t want to wear anything, a lingerie set can be the perfect solution. Lingerie sets are made to emphasize you’re natural traits. Your curves and smooth lines will be on display no matter what type of lingerie you want to try out. You should be aware of the many, many options that are available to you when you want to style for a very special night. 

Subtle Pastels

The classic red or black lacy underwear is always going to be a staple, but how can you move away from that? Thankfully, a lot of clothing brands are taking women’s lingerie down a softer, more deliberately accidental path. One of the best ways they’re choosing to do this is by changing up the color palette. 

Soft colors and dreamy pastels are the very essences of the ‘woke up like this’ intention that some lingerie tries to go for. Choose pieces that look great but aren’t necessarily harsh against your skin. You can always mix in some reds and blacks – but don’t forget lavender, periwinkle, soft pinks, and nudes, either. 

Go For a Long Nightgown

When we think of lingerie, we’re usually picturing a bra set or a teddy. However, there is room in your intimate wardrobe for a few long nightgowns as well. These are classic in a fairytale sort of way. If that’s your thing, stock up on a variety of colors and fabrics that excite you.

Long nightgowns can be accented with lace, ties, or complicated back designs. However, you want to wear it, remember that shorter women should stay away from a midi length. Midi nightgowns (and longer options) can make you look shorter. 

Satin Robes Make a Statement

A satin robe is only one part of a lingerie outfit, but it can make all the difference. Throw a satin robe over your bra set or chemise for a lovely reveal, or use the satin robe by itself to build anticipation. Satin clings to your body, but it leaves just enough to the imagination. 

A satin robe is a bold statement on its own, so make sure to use bolder colors. Whites, reds, and blacks are classic. You can also use pastel colors that match the lingerie you’re wearing underneath. It’s a nice touch.

Not Just For the Bedroom

In the last few years, we’ve seen lingerie worn out and about by our favorite stars more than a few times. These trends continue, allowing you to take your favorite lingerie pieces out of the bedroom – if you’re confident enough. 

One of the most popular ways to wear lingerie for a night on the town is to pair it with a blazer. Wear a bralette or la bra with a formal, well-cut blazer. The simpler pieces are better, but a few ties here and there add an element of mystery. 

Pair this look with leggings, jeans, or matching tailored pants. Make sure to grab your favorite heels to add a little bit of class. 

If you have a full lingerie bodysuit you want to show off, the same rules apply there. Simply layer the bodysuit under jeans and some well-cut outerwear. You’ll be turning heads in no time. 

The Classic Bra Set

Nothing quite beats a classic. After all, why fix something that isn’t broken? A classic bra or bralette set can set the mood wonderfully. 

There are also a ton of options to choose from, partly because of their popularity. Most bra sets are slimming and work to accentuate your best features. They are designed to show you in the best light, so you don’t have to worry about looking your best. The lingerie is doing the work for you. 

Here, you can choose classic colors (red, black, white) or you can go with bolder options. Some retailers feature bolder colors, combinations you’ve never seen before, or unique constructions that you’re sure to love. 


Lingerie can make you feel great. It can turn up the heat on a special night, act as an effortless signal to your partner, or be worn out on the town to turn heads. Women’s lingerie is more versatile than most give it credit for! Start with some of these styling tips and make your lingerie dreams come true.