Should You Pay the Extra-Buck for High-End Designer Makeup?

Mascara, nail polish, eyeshadow, lip gloss- no matter what it is that you’re using for makeup, we all know that temptation is everywhere and it’s so difficult to resist it. And any makeup aficionada knows that once you start using makeup products, the only way is up.

Once you go to a beauty specialty store, you find yourself facing two main options: the mainstream cosmetic products (with affordable prices and not so bad options) and the high-end cosmetics (need to say more?).  Do these two types even compare? Is there a reason for which the exclusive brands are pricier than the mainstream ones? Is it worth it to empty your pocket for just a mascara and a lipstick?

Why are the designer makeup products pricier?

There are several things that count when it comes to the high-end makeup so here are the most important ones:

  • Brand name

This situation is quite familiar to you: you’re going to pay a lot more on a regular, white t-shirt from a famous brand than on the same type of clothing from any regular store. Simply buying the designer makeup brand is going to make you pay more. It’s all about the status symbol, so make sure your wallet is full when going shopping. If you’re going for a specific high-end cosmetic, shopping on a tight budget is never an option that works.


  • High-quality applicators


When you’re shopping for designer makeup, chances are that they come with better application devices. Don’t be surprised if the foundation sponges, the eyeshadow brushes, the mascara or the powder applicators are way better than the ones of mainstream cosmetics. Even the newest beginner knows that a good applicator device can make the difference to how the makeup really looks on skin. So it only makes sense that the designer makeup helps you get better results. And be ready to pay the high dollar if you’re purchasing the applicators separately.

  • Better pigmentation

The high-end makeup brands do offer you makeup products with better pigmentation and you want to get the improved color payoff. Better color payoff is important as you’re going to be able to use less product overall. A high-end blush is highly pigmented so you only need to use a bit of it. This also means that it’s going to last for quite some time, so it may be a wise investment on the long run, anyway.


  • Fragrance


It’s no secret to anyone that the high-end cosmetics are fragranced, so that you enjoy the whole experience a lot better. However, there are also brands that don’t use fragrance as they believe it’s better for your skin to use fragrance-free makeup.


  • Packaging


This may be the very first thing to notice on the designer makeup, as opposed to the drugstore cosmetics. The beautiful packaging and the modern flashy tubes do increase the final price of the makeup, but it also helping them stand out from the crowd. That extra-special feel that a designer lipstick gives you when using it is going to make you pay the extra-buck without even blinking.

Note: You may have noticed that it’s not the ingredients that stay behind the high prices of the high-end cosmetics. Truth be told, most of the designer makeup products out there are formulated with the same ingredients as the ones from the drugstore. Yes, the designer makeup does present better pigments, a nice fragrance and impressively better applicator devices, but the main ingredients are pretty much the same. So it’s totally up to you if you’re going to pay the high dollar for that or not.

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Designer vs. Drugstore Makeup- who wins?

In some situations, you may pay the higher price for the designer makeup as it does present several benefits.

You need to know when it’s a good thing to splurge on designer cosmetics and when it’s better to go with a drugstore product. After all, there’s always something else to get with the extra-cash.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when you find yourself sitting on the fence and don’t know which way to go:

  • Mascara

The formulas of mascaras are pretty similar, no matter the brand. It’s important to keep in mind that mascara’s performance depends a lot on the brush type and the pigment, so you should go with a designer brand that doesn’t compromise on neither of them.

Some cannot do it through the day without their mascara on. So it only makes sense that they’re going to pay more for a designer brand, especially since it’s not going to break up the bank.

Mascaras are able to do different things so remember that when buying. Some are going to give you fatter lashes, others are made to define your lashes, whereas some mascaras are great for lengthening. It’s going to take some trial and error until you find one that gives you exactly what you need for your lashes.

Mascara is one of the most popular makeup products so you can have your go with the cheap ones. The designer brands typically come with softer applicators, which ensures better volume. On the other hand, is seems that the drugstore brands (which typically come with thinner brushes) give better results on lengthening.

  • Lipstick

Two of the things that define a good lipstick is the impressive pigmentation and the durability throughout the day. When you’re getting a pricier lipstick, you may get a better color and more durability, so it’s worth it to take the plunge. At the same time, the designer brands add more moisturizing ingredients to the lipstick so your lips aren’t going to dry out.

If you’re only interested in trying on different shades, you should go with the generic cosmetics- you may find some that you really like.

  • Lip gloss

You don’t need to be that picky when it comes to the lip gloss so don’t hesitate to go shopping for more than just one. The pigment on the lip gloss isn’t fundamental and the formulas are pretty similar out there. Most of the lip glosses out there are made with lanolin oil, microcrystalline was and poly butane. It’s wiser to stick with the generic makeup and get a bunch of them in different colors.

  • Concealer& foundation

Concealer and foundation sure raise the bar for anyone wearing makeup and it’s really hard to say if the designer or the drugstore brands work better. There are many things that count on a skin-colored makeup, especially since you may find the perfect match and coverage performance everywhere you look for one.

You can definitely try several products, keeping in mind that the department store isn’t the only one that gives you the various options. The best part about the designer makeup is that you may also get some samples. This is going to give the best idea about how it works on you.

Let’s not forget that the designer brands are always going to have better pigments, but also better formulas. Their formula may include serums, light-reflectors (sunscreen) and you may not find cheaper brands with similar ingredients. If you’re expecting more for your concealer/foundation, the designer brands are the way to go on this one.

  • Blush

Blush is one of the makeup products that may last you up to a year. Most of the powder-based blushes out there come with the same ingredients, so it doesn’t make sense to pay the extra buck on the designer brands. The pigment may not be as strong in the generic brand, but you can build it up and layer it until you get the results you wanted.

However, if you want to go with a stain formula, it’s better that you go with a designer brand. This type of blush is a specialty product so chances are it’s a lot better than a generic brand.

  • Eyeshadow and eyeliners

Just like the blush, eyeshadow come with similar ingredients out there, but the designer makeup is going to have premium versions of those specific ingredients. It’s quite common for the drugstore eyeshadow to feel a bit chalky and to be less pigmented. On the other hand, the designer brands do come with better color payoff and the application is going to go a lot smoother. A little goes a long way so you’re going to get results with few applications.

You can always go with designer neutral shades and some trendy colors from the drugstore. This means amazing coverage for the casual look, and perfect makeup on the special days.

As for the eyeliners, the most important thing when buying is to make sure they come with a soft kohl tip. The performances are quite similar, but the applicator may be better in the case of the designer pencil.

The situation is different in the case of liquid liners. A smooth line and a marker-like application are really difficult to obtain, so you may have to get the designer brands that come with better applicators. Getting that perfect line is going to be easier with a pricier liquid liner.

  • Nail polish

Nail polish is quite similar, no matter the type of makeup you’re choosing. Truth be told, there are some drugstore brands that perform a lot better than the department store brands. But it’s the quality of the top coat that could make the difference. A good one is going to seal your manicure and help the nail polish last a lot longer. Therefore, you should make the effort and pay that extra-buck for your top coat, giving a nicer appearance and more durability to your cheaper nail polish.

The final thought

If you’re dedicated to a designer blush, you should always make the sacrifice and stick to it. Remember that not everything you get in the department store is going to give impressive results so you should pay attention to the options in the drugstore as well. The rule of thumb is that you can always combine the two, especially if you’re trying to save some money for the rent too.