Top 4 Myths About Replica Bags

Top 4 Myths About Replica Bags

Almost 42% of consumers looking for original products end up buying replicas instead, according to Columbia Business School Research. This shouldn’t really come as a surprise, given the price tag attached to most original designer labels.  The more you look into replicas, the more sense it makes to buy them. After all, the best replicas can look and feel as good as the original, while costing you a fraction of the price, say experts at Bag Heaven, manufacturers of the highest quality designer replica handbags, such as Louis Vuitton. 

But one thing that often stops some people from buying replica handbags are the myths surrounding them. So, here are 4 misconceptions about replica bags and the truth behind them.

The Best Replica Bags are Made in Italy

These days even the original products of many luxury brands are manufactured in China, so this myth goes straight out the window. The best replica bags can be manufactured anywhere in the world, be it Asia or Europe. What is important is that the manufacturer has the right tools and craftsmen for the job. Manufacturing handbags is a complex task, which involves multiple processes, such as extrusion, weaving, moisture proofing, cutting, webbing, sewing, packaging, testing and more. In fact, the best replica manufacturers use master craftsmen and high quality materials so that the end product is almost indistinguishable from the original, including the hardware and logo.

All Replicas are the Same

You can find hundreds of sites selling cheap LV replica bags & purses. But not all of them sell the same products. You will find low quality replicas that aren’t even of the exact size and color as the original handbag. At the other end of the spectrum, there are replicas that are 99% similar to the original item. Your friends and colleagues won’t be able to know they are replicas, unless you tell them.

The high-end replicas get the original handbags and disassemble it down to the last stud and stitch. This gives them a great idea of the materials used and the manufacturing process. Most of the times, they even use the same leather, fabric and metals as the original handbag.

Replica Bags take Months to Ship

This again is not true in most cases. If you buy from a high-quality seller, then your handbag can be delivered to you in 8 to 10 business days. This is regardless of where you are located. Reliable sellers also provide other benefit, such discounts on wholesale orders of premium designer replica bags, such as LV and Hermes.

Buying Replica Handbags can be Risky

This one is also quite untrue. Buying replica handbags online is as safe as shopping for anything else online. Yes, there is a chance you might pick a cheap knockoff. But that risk can be nullified if you do your research well and take other necessary online safety precautions. Try to buy from websites that facilitate payments through safe gateways, such as PayPal. It acts as a safe barrier between you and the seller. 

So, do not fall into the trap of misconceptions. Buy your favorite designer LV, Prada or BVLGARI replica purses & bags at cheap rates, without worrying about them being obviously fake.