Swimsuit Tips:How To Make Them Last Longer And Keep Their Shape?

Good day fashionable ladies! Are you enjoying the summer? Hot summer days ask for a sleek swimsuit to rock the beach. And if you have found the perfect pair, you will do your best to keep it’s shape. Most of the ladies do mistakes when it comes to maintaining the swimsuit. So, what should you do to make them last? Check out these great swimsuit tips and find out how to do it!

Finding your perfect swimsuit was probably not that easy. Because of that, you will certainly want to keep them good-looking as long as you can. They will be exposed to harsh conditions, such as direct sun, salt from the sea water and chlorine from pools. These can affect the durability and appearance of your favorite pair of swimsuit. So, you need to take good care of them, so you can wear them the next summer too.

Washing is a must

This is the most important thing that many will omit doing. Washing your swimsuit after every use is a must. Even if you have just sunbathed. Residues from your sun lotion can make stains. Also, salt and chlorine can damage the color. So, after each use rinse the swimsuit with water. This will save it’s life. Hand-washing is a must too. Machine washing can damage your pair.


Proper drying is a must for keeping up the shape. You should not dry your swimsuit in direct sunlight, as it can make the color fade. Also, do not use a dryer. The heat will damage the material. Do not leave it hanged, because it will loose the shape. Dry your swimsuit on a flat surface, with a towel underneath.

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When you have a new suit

You must be so happy when you grab the desired piece from the shop. But, before using consider this crucial tip. Submerge it in a mixture of a tablespoon of vinegar with a quarter water. Leave it for about a half an hour. This will protect the color.

Watch where you sit

Be careful on where you sit. Rough surfaces can shed the material. So, don’t sit on concrete surfaces. Or put a towel before you sit to prevent your favorite pair of bikini from damaging.