The 3 Key Steps to Starting a Business in 2020

Starting a business seems like a daunting task. Even if you have been successfully working at your trade or selling your goods for awhile now, the next step will always feel like a giant leap. It’s only natural.

In the olden days, when you usually needed a brick and mortar store for any business, it definitely was more difficult. But times have changed. In 2020, launching your own venture is very approachable and manageable — even for people who are scared off by organization and paperwork.

Really, all you need to do is understand the basics and a few first steps. If you start out on the right foot and nail the following few concerns, you will be on the way to success in no time.

The 3 Key Steps to Starting a Business in 2020

1. Getting the Lay of the Land

Admittedly, some industries do have a higher barrier to entry than others. If you want to start drilling for oil, for example, you’re going to need a whole lot of equipment, specialized knowledge, licenses, land rights, some environmental permits, and probably a lot more. The same goes for launching a private legal practice: Enroll in a good law school now and then maybe you can get going in seven to 10 years.

But none of this applies to an area like consumer health and beauty. Depending upon where you live and the precise aspect of the business you want to get into, there may be some local regulations to understand. You may need a cosmetology license from your state to actually work on hair or makeup. When you are just consulting or selling products, though, you should be good to go almost as soon as you decide to start.

2. Getting Yourself Out There

The next steps are simply refining your business idea — knowing exactly how you start to bring in some revenue — and picking a name you like for your company. Maybe you just use your own name or come up with something a bit more clever. Then again, simple and clear can be a good route as well.

Then you start promoting yourself under that brand. Especially in the world of health and beauty, it’s often as easy as just launching an Instagram page or other social account to start marketing your products or services. In an ideal world, you might have your own e-commerce website that will allow customers to make purchases online. And that too is nowhere near as difficult as it might seem. Companies like SquareSpace and Wix make it very easy. You can be up and running almost right out of the box. If you’re ready to rent a commercial space for your business, make sure to find a great location and a well equipped space. From the sitting and reception area to bathroom partitions, everything must look great to welcome your new clients.

3. Getting a Helping Hand

There is definitely something to be said for staying self-sufficient and doing everything on your own pest control franchise. Making something from nothing and pulling yourself up by the bootstraps is the American way after all. But don’t take that philosophy too far. There are a wide range of great resources out there that can make your life a whole lot easier — and help your new business thrive. Don’t overlook the excellent help at your disposal.

If you are selling products you make yourself, for example, you would be missing out if you don’t try to secure some online sales through platforms like Amazon. There are other options as well, such as partnering with an established business like Amway, which empowers independent business owners to start their own businesses and set their own hours. You can plan to make money with Amway by selling its popular, proven products — some of which you may already use yourself. Whichever path you choose, remember that nobody truly does it alone. Lean on powerful platforms and established businesses to get ahead even quicker.

Getting Started on Your Dream

If you’ve read this far, chances are that you’re really ready to start making a go of things in 2020. It’s the end of one decade and the start of another. What better time to try to turn your dream into reality?

You never want to leap before you look. But you will be in great shape if you simply take a little bit of time to understand the lay of the land in your field, establish some groundwork to start getting yourself out there, and lean on established digital platforms to expand your reach.

As long as you take care of these first steps and enter into this journey with the right level of motivation and dedication, it may turn out to be the best move you’ve ever made. Stop just thinking about it — and do it already!