The Big Guide to Wig Buying

Wigs are a useful tool to have in your wardrobe. They are great for costuming, donning a fresh new look, or making a fashion statement in the face of hair loss, but it can seem confusing when looking at all the options for hairpieces. To help out, we’ve gathered a primer for buying the right wig, whether you are seeking an alter ego or just want a cute hair style to peek out from under your head scarves.


Choose Your Materials

There are two basic choices to consider when it comes to wig material: real human hair or synthetic. Real hair usually is more natural looking, but it’s also generally more expensive and doesn’t last long, even with proper care. Human hair wigs can be cut and styled any number of ways and must be washed periodically using products specifically for highly processed hair.


Synthetic wigs, on the other hand, are slightly less natural looking and require less maintenance. They, too, may be cut and fashioned to the wearer’s preference. However, because synthetic hair tends to come already with a style created in the wig, they offer less versatility than human hair. Plus, they don’t last as long. However with good maintenance, you can extend the life of a synthetic wig while getting the most life out of it.


Prep Your Head

If you have very short hair or a completely bald scalp, getting a wig to fit properly doesn’t take a lot of effort. Women who are undergoing cancer treatment may have a sensitive scalp, so they may choose to wear a mesh cap under their wig. Still, other women choose a wig “hugger,” a cushioned band that gives the hairpiece a nonslip surface to cling to and stay put.


Pick Some Styles

Now it’s time to have fun choosing some new styles. You can go with colors that are close to your natural shade, or you can view this as an opportunity to go completely different. It’s best to get a selection of wigs so that you can always choose the best one to fit your mood and the occasion for each day. Try on as many wigs as you can, even those that don’t seem to be up your alley. Be open-minded and try something fresh. You never know what great look you might discover.


Try Them out

Remember, when it comes to wearing your wigs on a daily basis, you don’t have to stick with the style they come with right out of the box. Human hair wigs and some synthetic wigs allow for heat styling. Plus, any wig can be cut or thinned as necessary. Wear the different wigs alone or with fun head scarves, hair accessories, or head bands. Keep in mind that not all wigs will work as well if you change the part or overall “baked in” style. In this case, it’s a good time to don a fun hat or head scarf.


Make It Last

No matter whether you choose real hair or synthetic hair, your wigs will need to be cleaned periodically. Be sure to use products designed specifically for this purpose. You should invest in a wig-drying stand and any hair tools you will need to keep the hairpiece tangle-free and styled properly. If you want the bangs trimmed or any other cuts made, you might want to take the wig to a professional stylist instead of doing the cut yourself. Be sure to put the wig on before he or she cuts it.


When taking off your wig for overnight, you should plan to place it on wig stand that lets the hair fall freely. Shampooing conditioning, and styling your wigs on a regular basis will make them last longer. There is also a product that will return a healthy shine to the hair if it starts to dull.


Wigs are a fun option for both everyday use and dressing up. This guide should help you choose the right wig material and style for you.