The Complete List of NBA Players Who Have Their Own Signature Shoes

Are you looking to add to your awesome collection of shoes? Do you want to become a sneakerhead and show off your collection to others? If so, then you should start by learning about all the different NBA players with signature shoes.

The list is long. Even so, people can’t get enough of them. Each one boasts different brands, styles, materials, and colorways, making them unique in their own way. Heck, you might even get the chance to have them autographed one day.

See below for a complete list of the NBA players who have their own signature shoes and a brief description of each. 

1. Kobe Bryant

Kobe’s shoes have always been top-sellers on Nike’s list of shoe models, and continue to be to this day. 

Not only did Kobe give us an amazing spectacle on the court and in life, but he also blessed us with some of the most fashionable shoes on the market. 

We personally recommend the Kobe 5 model, but they’re all incredible; you can’t go wrong! Rest in peace, Black Mamba.

2. Lebron James

Lebron has always coined Kobe Bryant as one of his biggest mentors, so it’s only fitting that he be listed right after him.

Lebron has had a shoe deal with Nike since 2003; it’s a match made in heaven. Give a look at his Nike Lebron 18 Lows if you’re wanting something really unique for your collection.

3. Kyrie Irving

We swear that we’ll mention a non-Nike shoe at some point on this list. It isn’t our fault that so many of them are sponsored by the swoosh!

Kyrie’s shoes are unique for their colorways and easily identifiable design. Our favorites are the Kyrie S2 EP GS’s, but there are so many other great choices to choose from as well!

4. Russell Westbrook

Why not? (If you know you know). The “Brodie” has amassed quite the collection of signature shoes with his deal with Jordan. 

If you’re looking for something to knock your socks off, give a look at the Jordan Westbrook One Take Quai 54 shoes. They’re highly valuable and can’t be found easily. Happy hunting!

5. Kevin Durant

Russell Westbrook’s former teammate in OKC, Kevin Durant, boasts one of the most vibrant collections of shoes out there with his signature shoe line.

KDs are known for their jaw-dropping design and colorways. It seems as if they change the aesthetic of the shoe’s design each year, which isn’t as common as you might think.

He also finds awesome ways to incorporate inspiration into his designs, such as the Nike KD13 EP “Peace, Love, and Basketball” design. Be sure to get your hands on them!

6. Steph Curry

Under Armour makes its first appearance on this list. Many sneakerheads might roll their eyes at any UA shoe, but at one point, Steph Curry’s shoes were selling more than Lebron’s. Back when the Warriors and Cavaliers kept meeting in the NBA Finals each year.

Curry’s shoes typically reflect Steph himself. They’re humble, yet lively; bold, yet reserved. Perfect for those of you that enjoy shoes with minimalist designs that feature bright colors.

7. Giannis Antetokounmpo

This signature shoe is just in its infancy. However, the Greek Freak just won his first-ever NBA Championship; the Milwaukee Bucks’ first title in over 50 years. In other words: this shoreline is about to blow up!

For that reason, you might want to prioritize locking up a pair of the Nike Zoom Freak 1’s while you can. That way, you can say you had the very first ones!

8. Paul George

Just like Paul George’s stint with NBA teams the last few years, his signature PG shoes have colors that are all over the place. What’s really cool is the collaborations that PG shoes tend to create. 

For example, he once did a version of his shoe that collaborated with Sony as a nod to the very first Playstation system. The results were a thing of beauty, some might say, those PG 2.5s were his best shoe to date.

9. Chris Paul

Chris Paul just made it to the NBA Finals for the first time in his long, storied career. Unfortunately, things didn’t turn out his way this time around.

That said, the Suns are on the rise, and so is Chris Pauls’s shoe line. Be on the lookout for his signature shoe very soon!

10. Donovan Mitchell

Donovan Mitchell is one of the most exciting and intriguing players in the NBA right now. So it should come as no surprise that “Spida” and his signature shoes are selling like hotcakes.

Donovan has a very unique style. While all these other NBA players try to come up with vibrant color combinations on their shoes, Spida’s are typically pretty reserved. For our money, we’d point you to the Adidas Pro Vision Donavan Mitchell PEs. 

11. Kawhi Leonard

The NBA’s rogue player, Kawhi Leonard, has always looked for ways to break away from the standard expectations of an NBA player. 

There’s perhaps a no better example of this than when he elected to accept sponsorship from New Balance, with offers from Nike and Adidas on the table. 

Kawhi’s shoes are a thing of art; making them perfect for a sneakerhead collection. They’ll look beautiful whether they’re on your feet or hanging in your closet.

Invest in Signature Shoes for Your Collection

Now that you have seen a list of NBA players with signature shoes, you know which ones that you should chase after.

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