New Year, New You – Looks for the Summer Season

The New Year is a fresh start and an opportunity to change yourself for the better. Forget about meditating or going to the gym – the most rewarding New Year’s resolutions to start 2023 are all about what you wear. Ask yourself if you’re genuinely happy with your wardrobe; maybe it’s time to make some adjustments. Summer is the perfect season for New Year’s resolutions, as you have the sun’s warmth, your mood brightens, and you’re more inclined to be active (mentally, of course). If you want to make this summer your most productive one yet, try these looks to change up your style.

Wear The Jorts Trend Like A Pro 

With the recent interest in nostalgic clothing, it’s no wonder that jorts are back. Jorts (aka jean shorts) are baggier than ever before, so they’re breathable and comfortable. Take a look at the online stores of the most famous names, and you’ll see that jorts come in different styles and versions, so there’s something out there for you. And no, jorts aren’t just for dads anymore. If you want a streamlined silhouette, your jorts should end above the knee and fit close to your body. The jorts pair well with basically any casual shirt in your closet. If you’re not sure what shoes to choose for your outfit, opt for a pair of black and white canvas sneakers.  

Build A Totally White Outfit

Underrated yet bold, an all-white ensemble is one of the most fabulous combinations you can wear. White is masculine, versatile, and gives you an instant-airiness whether you’re going out for a date or heading to the office. Take inspiration from the ’60s and create a look to elevate your style. Experiment with different textures among fabric and smooth, soft materials, etc. For example, your summer outfit can be made up of a white t-shirt that looks remarkably well paired with a pair of white jeans. The combination is simple, but it’s brilliant. Keep the lighter colours at the top and go darker on the bottom. 

Stay Cool and Trendy on The Beach 

A beach with crystal-clear water and the breezy wind is the best destination to take a break from your busy life. The question now is: What should you wear? Even if you’re not in perfect shape, mens designer swim briefs will help you hide your muffin top. Swimming in the waves is effortless because there’s no extra fabric to get in the way. The colour choice should only be dictated by what tickles your fancy, so if you’re a quiet introvert, go for grey, blue, or red. However, if you prefer fierce fashion, go for brighter hues to give yourself a boost of bombastic confidence. 

When It Comes to Chunky Chains, Just Keep Stacking 

With so many necklaces to choose from, why would you pick out a chunky chain? Because it’s the perfect accessory to make your outfit feel fresh. The oversized necklace is eye-catching (and feels a bit impractical), so it makes a huge statement. You can stand out for your prowess by styling a look that makes you feel confident without being cringy. If you want to wear several chunky chains simultaneously, create a layered effect and play with different colours and materials. Too much dust and dirt on the necklace will break its shine, so clean it regularly. 

Final Thoughts 

Don’t give up too quickly on those old promises. Revive your fashion New Year’s resolutions and become an entirely new you in 2023. Improving your appearance is part of your all-over transformation.