The Lime Crime Spree is Sweeping the Streets of London

If you think that vegan isn’t vibrant, you haven’t seen the latest line from Lime Crime. The 10-year old, LA-based beauty company is celebrating its first decade in existence by introducing their product line in London. The first shop to grace its customers with the famously colorful brand is Selfridges’ Beauty Halls, where they will be permanent features. The cosmetic line is confident that this move will triple their sales and create a solid footing for further advances into European markets

Why We Love This Brand

Their products are touted as makeup for unicorns, and the profiles range from grunge to glam. Aside from the vivid color palettes and sleek packaging, this company is a brand you can feel proud to support. Their commitment to promoting cruelty-free, completely vegan product development gives you beauty with a conscience. They’ve even been certified by PETA and Leaping Bunny.

The animal-friendly stance is no marketing ploy or gimmick. The company and all of its staff members, all passionate animal lovers themselves, are fully committed to continuing the stance against animal cruelty and abuse. Vegan means that the products contain no animal by-products like beeswax, lanolin, carmine, or whey. Cruelty-free means that none of the products are tested on animals.

With a growing market for vegan beauty products in the UK, the timing of the launch couldn’t be more ideal. Sales of such products have increased by 38 percent over the past year, and this brand is a welcome addition to a thriving market. It’s fun, fresh, and made for those who want to truly express themselves.

The Products You’d Be crazy to Miss

Viewing their entire inventory is like touring a color carnival for the eyes. Lime Crime is known for makeup collections based on masterworks of art, like their Venus XL eye shadow palettes filled with rich, velvety hues and warmer tones. They’re also renowned for lip colors that range from mattes to metallics and bear names like Plushies and Velvetines. However, they realize we don’t always want to be sugar without the spice, so you can also glam-up with glittery lipstick toppers called Diamond Crushers in iridescent shades of purple, blue, or sparkly pink.

In addition to fabulous lips, nails, and eyes, Lime Crime has created unicorn-inspired hair tints, highlighters, and accessories like high-quality Aquarium makeup brushes that are works of art in themselves. The highlighter is appropriately named Hi-Lite Palette in Opals, and features a gorgeous trio of shimmery, multi-dimensional pressed powders in pale peach, pink, and gold.

The Aesthetic and Feel

The idea behind every product in their collection is to promote uniqueness. They’re crafted to provide nearly unlimited options for mixing. We’ve mentioned the color vibe of the product lines and collections, but it can’t be stressed enough. One word that comes to mind is cotton candy. Even their grungier eye shadow collections emit a distinctly pastel candy hue. Another apropos descriptor would be “magical”. The look is young, hip California, but it translates well to London.

The luxuriant feel of all of these product is light yet rich and substantial. The eye colors are highly pigmented and supremely blendable. Lip colors are smooth and satiny, glide on easily with wand applicators, and they’re formulated in a range of finishes from matte powder to satin sheen.

Wherever you are, Lime Crime is as close as your mobile. Check it out at select cosmetics counters or browse their website for convenient service anytime.