The Top 4 Eye Makeup Hacks You Need to Know

Eye makeup is a great way of having a bit of fun while accentuating your beauty. As time will tell, better products have better results; some great products will work naturally with your body, like a quality eyelash growth mascara or a perfectly matched foundation. 

With the best products, following our top tips will make applying makeup a breeze!

The Top 4 Eye Makeup Hacks You Need to Know

1. Utilize Cotton Swabs

If you have ever worn eyeliner or mascara, you’ll know that even when you use the best removal method, it never quite removes one hundred percent. There is sometimes a bit of mascara leftover on your under-eye or lashes and it’s hard to even realize it is there (until you shower and it pours down your face…) 

A great way of making sure you have a ‘clean slate,’ so to speak, when you go to start your next makeup look, is to use a cotton swab. Using just a bit of baby oil or makeup cleanser, tilt the cotton swab so it is perpendicular with the ground and run the side of the swab along your bottom lid and lash line. This trick will remove leftover makeup that you didn’t even see, giving you a perfectly clean way to start your next look. 

2. Protect Your Under-Eye

Use a small piece of tape or specified product to cover your under-eye area while applying your eyeshadow. It is common for some of your eyeshadow powder to fall onto your cheek and lower eyeline as you are creating your look. The scotch tape will act as a barrier to this, keeping your face free from fallout eyeshadow. 

When you are finished with your look, simply remove the tape and add concealer to cover dark circles, and you’re done!

3. Avoid Clumpy Mascara

One of the struggles everyone knows is when you go to put on mascara and instead of accentuating and lengthening your feathery, long lashes, it only clumps them together, detracting from the whole look. Luckily, there are a few hacks to avoid this unfortunate outcome. 

While you are applying your first products, place the tube of mascara in your waistband. While this may sound odd, it really works, because while you are doing the rest of your makeup, the mascara is absorbing some of your body heat. So by the time you are ready to put on the mascara, it is slightly warmed to be applied smoothly to your eyelashes, preventing any clumping!

4. Know Your Eye Shape

When it comes to eye makeup, there are thousands of designs, styles, colors and products. Likewise, each individual has a different eye shape. 

Hooded eyes have a fold in the upper lid and, as a result, creating exact eyeshadow and eyeliner designs can be difficult. With a hooded lid, you can bring out the shape and make your eyes look bigger by only placing dark colors in the very outside edge of your eye, instead of in the crease. 

Conversely, if you have round eyes, using light colors to accentuate the inner and outer corners of your eyes can work magic for you. 

Each eye shape is unique and knowing what techniques look best for your eyes will work wonders. 


Having the right products to match your needs is the first step to creating stunning and breathtaking makeup looks. After that, using a few of these easy hacks will prevent eyelash clumping, avoid eyeshadow fallout, and guarantee you get the ideal look you want with the right match for your eye shape.