What Is Microblading and The Pros and Cons

Microblading can be quite a new concept for a lot of people, especially those who don’t always try beauty treatments and processes. However, as you’ll learn in this article, microblading can in fact be quite the attractive option to level up your personal style. After all, paying attention to even the smallest details on your face can make quite the impression if you get the execution properly. If you’ve got no idea what microblading is and its pros and cons, you might want to read this article to get yourself a heads up.

Microblading: The Basics

What Is Microblading and The Pros and Cons

What is microblading? If you’ve never heard of microblading, you may have heard of its other names. These include “3D eyebrow embroidery, pigment embroidery, cosmetic tattooing, semi-permanent makeup,” “microstroking,” or “eyebrow embroidery.” Microblading is a remarkably recent technique in the realm of permanent makeup and salon treatment.

In its most basic sense, it’s a kind of “permanent” makeup that allows you to get the kind of eyebrows you want without all of the hassle. The process is done with a small angular blade with a row of tinier needles, all of them dipped in ink. It’s then scraped across the skin lightly in small strokes that mimic hair. This is very much unlike eyebrow tattoos that can appear unrealistic, unappealing, and unnatural. In fact, it’s said that microblading’s effects can actually last for around three (3) years.

Microblading: Is It For You?

With the above in mind, a lot of you may already have ideas running in your heads about using microblading for your benefit. Before you rush off to a service, however, you may want to get these pros and cons in your head first.

What Is Microblading and The Pros and Cons

Pros: Get Natural Without The Fuss

The best advantages of microblading come in the form of just how they make you appear in general. Eyebrow embroidery is in fact the best way to achieve natural-looking eyebrows without losing any hair. This means you can fix your uneven eyebrows without much of the hassle. It can last for up to three (3) years with barely any form of touch up needed. Given these aren’t permanent changes, you can always adjust to eyebrow trends should new ones arrive – that means you can have your brows thickened in a year, or thinned after two.

  • It’s a natural way of getting good-looking eyebrows. Despite being similar to getting a tattoo, no one could know the difference unless you actually tell them you’ve gotten the procedure.
  • It’s a quick and painless way to deliver long-lasting aesthetic results. If you need to get concerns addressed, you may want to get a second visit to be sure. However, it really only takes about two hours at the most to complete the procedure.
  • It’s long-lasting, but still flexible. While these only last for three (3) years at the most before you get another procedure, this means there’s a lot of room for adjustments. As mentioned, you can get your eyebrows thinned or thickened depending on your preference after a year or two.

Cons: Intricate And Delicate

With the above explanation, you may already be aware that eyebrow microblading is a delicate and intricate process. This means if a technician isn’t proficient with his tools enough, you might get yourself an eyebrow shape you don’t like. Something that is unlikely to happen but is still a possibility are instances where technicians might cut too deep or might not be able to sterilize their blades properly, potentially causing discomfort. However, technicians do tend to use numbing creams like Zensa to help you feel more comfortable.

  • It’s a totally new experience, which means you might feel a bit uncomfortable. Getting a tattoo is scary if you’re not used to blades and needles, and it can cause you nervousness for a first try. The case is the same with getting yourself a microblading procedure. While numbing creams are used to help you, nervousness is something you should expect.
  • It might cause pain, especially if the practitioner isn’t skilled. Microblading takes a few hundred tiny bits to mimic the appearance of hair. Therefore, if the practitioner is lacking in experience, your skin might have deep cuts which can cause you a bit of pain.

The Takeaway: Microblading Can Be For You

Microblading can be quite the confusing concept to understand at first, especially if you’re not the kind to avail various beauty treatments. After all, beauty in itself can be quite an expensive investment and new concepts can be daunting for those who’ve never heard of them yet. There’s a first time for everything, though, and now’s good a time as any to learn about microblading and the kinds of benefits it can bring to you. Before you head off for the procedure, however, do make sure you’re aware of what microblading is and its various pros and cons.

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