Tips for Looking Stylish With a Face Mask

One of the most important safety measures during the coronavirus pandemic is wearing a protective face mask. This is done partially to defend yourself, but primarily to keep others safe should you unknowingly carry COVID-19.

Face masks are undeniably effective at limiting the transmission of coronavirus when used properly. They physically block saliva particles that are expelled when you speak, cough, or sneeze. 

Tips for Looking Stylish With a Face Mask

This is significant because coronavirus is most commonly spread through particles put into the air by an infected person. With this in mind, there is a push to enforce face masks to help limit the spread of COVID-19. 

Face masks aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, meaning that you should get comfortable wearing them. While masks are meant for safety, they can still be fashionable with some careful planning.

To help you look your best with a mask, we’ll give you some style pointers below!  

Match Your Outfit

If you’ve haven’t been doing so yet, start matching your mask to the rest of your outfit. 

Because masks have become such a staple, many companies have begun to create fashionable masks. You can find a suitable face cover in just about any color or pattern you can imagine.

While a face mask is meant to be a protective device, it can also serve as an accessory similar to a scarf if it’s tasteful. This means thinking about how it fits with the rest of your outfit and picking one that matches.

Consider where you’ll be going with your mask and the outfit it dictates. Wearing business casual? Stick to muted colors like black or white that are easy to pair with professional clothes.

On the other hand, you should also match your mask to casual outfits. Try to match it to the color and/or texture of your jacket or shoes if you want it to stand out. 

With so many face masks available, there’s no excuse not to have it fit your outfit! 

Embrace Variety

You should also embrace variety in face masks, meaning that you’ll want several different styles. 

If you’re buying masks to pair with outfits, then it’s almost impossible to find a mask that works with all outfits. A basic black or white mask is fairly universal, but that doesn’t mean it will look good with all getups. 

Instead, you’re better off buying multiple unique masks that give you several options to choose from. A good number is at least three, which gives you choices while also allowing you to wash whichever masks aren’t being used. 

Take some time as you’re picking out your masks. There are many styles on the market and you can certainly find one to work with any outfit you’re trying to wear. 

The more options you have, the less restricted and better you’ll feel when you’re wearing your mask because it’s always what you want to wear. 

Reconsider Your Makeup Routine

Another great tip is to reconsider your makeup routine to accommodate a mask. 

Makeup is not designed for wearing a face mask, but that likely won’t stop you from wearing it. While your lower face is covered, your eyes and upper face are exposed.

As you may know, this results in issues like makeup smudging, rubbing off, and sweating. In other words, a mask can quickly ruin your makeup! That said, changing how you do your makeup can fix this. 

In particular, your most effective choices include using a lighter foundation, sticking to neutral colors, and using hydrating products. This makes it easier to apply your makeup, take it off, and fix it should anything smudge. 

A change to your makeup routine might slightly change how you look, but it doesn’t make you any less beautiful! It only makes applying makeup and wearing a mask easier! 

Remember Comfort

One last suggestion is to remember comfort when picking out your face masks. 

Style and comfort don’t often go hand in hand, but you cannot overlook comfort when it comes to a protective face cover. Masks are first and foremost a protective device, meaning that looks come second.

An important element to wearing your mask consistently is how you feel when you wear it. An uncomfortable mask makes you likely to neglect it or take it off when it may not be safe. 

Even if you have the most amazing looking mask in the world, it won’t do you any good if you can’t stand to wear it. You want masks that strike a balance between style, functionality, and comfort. 

Fortunately, many fashionable masks are quite comfortable. Just try to avoid materials that are scratchy, unbreathable, or unabsorbent. Aim for masks that fit snugly and feel nice while still effectively blocking particles. 

When you have comfortable masks to wear, you’re more likely to wear them. Going without a mask is not a good look right now, so finding a suitable cover that you enjoy is a critical step toward being stylish during coronavirus.   

Closing Thoughts

Face masks are essential to limiting the spread of coronavirus and they are becoming mandatory anytime you enter a public space. However, many face masks are inherently ugly and this may clash with your style aspirations. 

That said, you can still look great with a face cover. You can do this by matching your mask to your outfit, embracing variety, reconsidering your makeup routine, and remembering comfort. 

While safety is certainly your priority right now, you can still look your best while you stay safe! Find some masks that make you feel great and you’ll appreciate it every time you wear them!