Top 6 Personalized Gifts to Give in 2020

Top 6 Personalized Gifts to Give in 2020

This year may not be the best so far, but there are still plenty of reasons to be positive. And if you’re celebrating personal milestones with family and friends, giving a thoughtful present is always a must. Fortunately, buying a gift is not difficult when you can shop in hundreds of online stores. Perhaps the biggest struggle would be finding the perfect present that will fit the person’s personality and the spirit of the occasion.

Why give a personalized gift?

Monogramming or personalizing gifts is a perfect way to express your care for the person. These days, you can monogram almost anything. But instead of giving just any ordinary gift, here are our top suggestions for personalized items to consider gifting this year, no matter the occasion.

Monogrammed jewelry

Jewelry is always saved for special occasions, but it doesn’t mean you can’t give a pretty bauble as you please. Giving a gold plated name necklace, for example, is perfect for someone close to you like a friend or a sister. The good thing about a name necklace is that it’s suitable for everyday use. Another example would be a personalized name ring, a bracelet with a monogram or a watch with the recipient’s initials.

Personalized gadget accessories

If you’re looking for something simple, yet still makes an impact, you can’t go wrong with gadget accessories. These days, people love to personalize their mobile phones – and this trend isn’t limited to the young. You can find many sellers that accept customization, such as phone cases in all designs, monogrammed with names and initials. Besides mobile phone accessories, you can also buy a personalized AirPod case – another popular item these days.

Monogrammed journal

A lot of people today are either working or studying from home. If you want a simple gift that is useful and still thoughtful, a monogrammed journal or notebook is the perfect option. It’s also a great gift for someone who loves to write and prefers a traditional way to keep track of their daily schedule.

Personalized candles

Candles may seem a bit generic, but a lot of people quite like them. It’s great to give away as a housewarming gift if you know someone moving to a new house or apartment. You can customize a candle by choosing scents and variations that evoke a specific feeling or memory.

Desktop calendars

Another excellent gift to give away this year is a custom desktop calendar with the recipient’s photo. It can be a cherished family picture or a beloved pet. A calendar with precious pictures on a desktop is an excellent way to liven up a home office or personal workspace.

Water bottle or tumbler with initials

This gift is made for someone conscious about sustainability. You can choose a water bottle or a tumbler for morning coffee and tea. There are also insulated cups that keep beverages warm or cold if you want the gift to be swankier than an ordinary water bottle.