No More Boring Work Clothes

Getting dressed for work every morning can be a boring endeavor, especially when your job has a certain dress code that you need to adhere to. Still, you can spice up your work wardrobe a little! What’s more, you can change your look on a budget with a Kohl’s promo from and other special deals. Read on and you will find out how to refresh your look while remaining professional:

  1. Establishing a Classic Look

The classic look is one of the simplest and easiest to put together each morning. It consists of monochrome shirts and black pants and while this look can get quite boring, there are ways to spice it up, for instance by adding statement pieces. There are numerous ways that you can accessorize your outfit and provide added flair. Whether its shoes, jewelry or your nails, there are a variety of ways to add color to your classic ensemble, so don’t forget to always pick something special to add to your look!

  1. Business Casual

This is another common work look that allows women to dress in a manner that is not boring. The business casual look enables you to wear jeans to work, as long as you’re able to dress up the outfit in other ways. For instance, if you’re going to wear jeans, add some heels and a smart looking top to keep the outfit from being too casual. A blazer and a professional looking handbag will give the outfit the boost it needs and keep it from becoming too boring.

  1. Office Glam

If you’re the type of woman who likes to project a glamorous image and you have the right “girls rule the world” sort of strut, you can add some brightly colored lipstick and sky high heels to your outfit and be ready for everything from a corporate meeting to a 5 p.m. happy hour get together. Silky blouses, pencil skirts, high end perfume, gold necklaces and massive clutches round out the look.

  1. Feminine Simplicity

The simple, feminine look comes together rather easily and it is favored by women who are trying to save time in the morning and still look like a million dollars. Flowing dresses, chiffon skirts, smart blazers and ballet flats are often favorites of women who choose this look. Just be sure to keep the hem of your skirt over the knee and choose one that is cinched at the waist.

  1. The Edgy Look

This look is most certainly not for everyone and if you are mild mannered and meek hearted, you will probably not be able to get away with it in most instances. Leather boots, T-shirts, dark lipstick and tennis shoes can be paired with dressier items to offer a unique appearance. Stay aware though that edgy ensembles should probably not be worn in the corporate environment and they are best suited for a workplace that is more relaxed.