How to Become a Designer at Any Stage of Your Career

Are you thinking of becoming a designer but you have no idea of where to start? Well, no worries as anyone can change their career as many times as possible. No matter where you are in your career or how different your job could be to being a designer, if you are passionate about a career in design, you can find your way into the design world. Follow these steps and learn how to become a designer.

Know the designer landscape

Designing involves more than how things look. The first step should be identifying the king of designer career you want. There are many kinds of design in the market that you can select. Such include, UI, UX, Visual, interaction, motion and a research designer. Select one of them and begin your journey.

Expert Cody Rhodes  from offers in the case where you have no idea what such fields entail, research the different areas to understand them and pinpoint the role that will suit you best. If this does not help you to narrow down the fields, focus on the design concepts that interest you. Your interests will narrow down the field as you answer questions about your interest.

A lot of practice

Unlike in the past, the present field of design boasts of many curriculums that you can use in your learning process. If you are interested in starting a career in graphic design, design Tuts is your learning tool. It offers you practical design instructions on graphic design among other skills such as Photoshop, web design and drawing theory.

Gibbon design resource provides many playlists on storytelling, copywriting and creating and sharing your material from your design journey. Another learning resource is Hello designer, which gives you all the resources you need to learn about designing.

Have a soul of a designer

Thinking and becoming a designer is a process that does not happen immediately but over time. It begins by you comprehending the mental models, identifying core dealings flows and recognizing design patterns. To build these skills start now by talking as much as possible about design to increase your knowledge of it, your pool of information and expertise to work through, learn from and consult.

You can also get the skills to become a designer by reading through design websites. Sites such as pttrns and lovely ui among others are good at helping you identify what you like and do not like about the design, give you knowledge on design details and help you understand your preferences. Do not be intimidated by all the different information you will discover as it is likely that you have all the knowledge about good designs, and the data only serves to help your in resume editing and proofreading your design interests.  

Collaborate with other designers

Do you want to learn things you had no idea that you did not know? Talk to other designers. Reach out to designers who work at companies you admire pick their brains about the designing you want to pursue. Ask their opinion about different designs and why they consider it good or bad. Your work should be to understand the reasons behind their views, what they look for and the details they focus on the most.

Understanding the designer’s way of thinking will help in improving your skills, motivate you in working with others and gaining knowledge of what differentiates good and bad designs. Engaging with designers also helps you to build your vocabulary. Not all people have the confidence or capability to engage with others but, by talking to the designers, you exercise your ability to speak and build confidence in defending your work.

Lessons face to face

In case you do not have friends who are designers to pick their brains, you can opt to take in-person design class. The class is beneficial as it gives you a wide array of courses to choose from; it boosts your knowledge and makes your designing exercises easy as you get to discuss with other students as opposed to learning them through design apps.

Find appropriate classes by researching or reading reviews from an essay writing service on special schools such as Tradecraft and General Assembly or local colleges who offer design classes.

Understand people’s needs

Becoming a good designer requires you to understand people as whichever design you make for them, what matters is the experience it gives them. You need to learn more about people, understand their points of pain and identify what motivates them. Also, you have to discover how they make decisions, what gives them happiness, what irritates them, the experiences you are creating for them and how they will make them feel.

Develop your listening skills and be empathetic to others so you can accurately capture how they are feeling, why they are feeling that way and create a design that influences their experience.  

Manage a project

The best way you can learn design is by doing it. Therefore, look for a design project and do it. Running the first project can be scary but go ahead. Choose a side project such as designing a logo and work on it to give you the practice you need to become a good designer.

If you are interested in becoming a designer, take the first steps and discover what kind of a designer you want to be. Also, explore the following steps, and work your way into a design career.