Trendy accessory: how vape tools adorn your look

Some years ago, it would be impossible to imagine the rise of the vaping industry and the development of a whole culture of vaping. Now it is an industry where people earn billions. But, as it turns out, not everyone is happy. Many people consider vaping as just another fashionable innovation. But frankly vaping has long been more than a simple way to quit smoking. Today, for many, this is a way of life – accessible and attractive.

Indeed, vapor pen has become something that goes beyond the substitution of smoking. Today, this is the world filled with an abundance of electronic liquids and a variety of different devices, as well as a massive number of various events, festivals, and competitions. Around the world, you can find many shops, cafes, and restaurants that are vaping-themed. Ultimately, the vaping community is expanding and becoming overcrowded with a large number of like-minded people.

Over the past few years, many vape bars and vape shops have opened, where you can buy any vape products and spend time in a circle of interests. With the advent of exclusive fluids for vaping, people began to pay more attention to the culture itself. We can say that vapers are modern sommeliers and gourmets who, instead of wine and food, have learned to choose the tastes for vaping skillfully. Today you can order a liquid with any taste by going to the online store.

Vape as accessory

The vape becomes an accessory: Despite the laugh about the vapor pen’s lack of “cool factor,” it’s the perfect trend for fashion to pay attention at. There is a great reason that vaping is getting this sort of publicity: It’s relatively good for you. According to Time, vaping is 95% healthier and 40% cheaper than smoking.

Who can argue that it’s a perfect accessory? It’s small, compact and can be held in hand just like a smartphone or a cup of tea. Just ask comedian Sarah Silverman, who pulled an oil vape pen filled with “liquid pot” out of her clutch on the red carpet at the 2014 Emmy Awards like it was no big deal.

Electronic cigarettes look very fashionable and trendy. They make any outfit more astute! Big names are profoundly mindful of this, with such a large number of them taking to the movement. Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus, Leonardo DiCaprio, Paris Hilton, Robert Pattinson and previous chain-smoking model, Kate Moss have all joyfully and stylishly invited e-cigarettes in their lives.

Vape with sophisticated designs

Being a technology creature, an e-cig can is instantly renewing and upgrading. The designers should think initially to give the  the best vape pen a unique appearance. For a beginner, the look of a product may be a decisive factor. As for experienced vapers, they usually look for a product that will show their personal style.

Vape as a sharp drop in tobacco smoking

Supporters of the vaping culture give electronic smoking devices credit for that. Nowadays, people are more health-conscious than ever. To be healthy, they start avoiding harmful habits. And many tobacco smokers managed to quit only after switching to vaping.

How to become the part of vaping culture?

First of all, choose a device, but consider the purpose of your purchase. If you want to ease your dependence on smoking conventional nicotine cigarettes, then start with simple kits containing a small amount of nicotine. More advanced vapers buy devices with non-standard design and even LCD-displays that show the status of the work of the invention.

When choosing, pay attention to your personal style and approximate budget. Many vapers use several devices at the same time and have a large number of liquids with different flavors. The culture of vaping will not only open you a healthy lifestyle but also change your leisure time, bringing new colors to life.

Main advantages of the vape pens

  1. Health – it’s no secret that in an electronic cigarette the only harmful substance is nicotine, but its share is small enough to exacerbate one’s health significantly, and for those who are especially caring about their health there is always a liquid without nicotine.
  2. There is no prohibition – an electronic cigarette is not prohibited so that you can smoke it at home or work, both in the subway and on the street.
  3. There is no smell – steam from a cigarette will not leave a scent on the fingers and in the room, and most importantly, that the effect of passive smoking is wholly excluded.
  4. White teeth – we all know how sensitive teeth are to smoke, but for an electronic cigarette this is not familiar, and the teeth will retain their natural color.
  5. Hookah – there are no indifferent people to the hookah in the world, and now you do not just have an electronic cigarette, but also a mini-hookah in your pocket.
  6. The variety of flavors – there are many tastes and the price one among which you will find: fruit, cigarette, refreshing, and also tastes for the most real gourmets and experimentalists.
  7. Convenience – any part of the cigarette smoothly changes, and you can always find it at the store

Is smoking electronic cigarettes legal?

     To date, vaping devices are not prohibited by law. Scientifically proven that they contain far fewer chemicals than conventional cigarettes. At some places they are allowed to smoke not only on the street at bus stops and other public places but also in the premises.For example “California law prohibits the use of ESDs anywhere cigarette smoking is prohibited, including schools, playgrounds, tot lots, public parks, public buildings, farmers markets, and most enclosed workplaces. This prohibition applies to all ESDs—such as electronic cigarettes, cigars, pipes, and hookahs—regardless of whether those products contain nicotine or tobacco”. But nobody knows how it will develop further.

The future of such a trend

For various years, smoking has been known as a part of the television routine as an indication of stress, trend, and desirability. How frequently have you watched a movie where dominant males have smoked a stogie, or an attractive lady has a cigarette? Not just on the screen, in magazines and advertisements also, smoking is considered as something positive to do. Times are varying, so vaping can become the new massive thing.


Florence Temples is a healthy lifestyle blogger and independent journalist. She lives in Orlando (Florida). Florence researches her friends’ and relatives’ attitude to health and writes informative posts, encouraging people to give up bad habits.