Want Gorgeous Nails? Try These Foods

Finding it irksome to paint your nail with some nail polish before you go out? But there is a problem. Since your nails look hideous when it is not painted in nail polish, you need to grow health nails. However, as we are aware, growing healthy nails is easier said than done. If you have passing interest on human physiology, you will be amazed to learn that the vital organs of the body get the most nutrition and that means, the nails get the least amount of nutritious elements. So, if you are malnourished, your nails are going to show the signs of it.

Thankfully, taking care of our nails is not that complicated. We can make our nails grow and have proper shape by making some changes in our daily diet.

Coconut Oil To ensure proper growth of the nails, your body needs the following vitamins- A, D, E and vitamin K. These vitamins are available in greater concentration in coconut oil and that means, if you can increate the intake of this oil, bingo. It makes it possible for the body to increase ability to absorb some vital nutrients that eventually help in the growth of healthy nails.

Chicken We all love chickens. However, if you are a vegan, this is certainly not an option for you. But for the rest of the others, Chicken should be incorporated in their meal once in a while. Chickens contain loads of protein and Vitamin B and they also contain zinc. These three ingredients are important for the growth of the nail.

Spinach Spinach comes loaded with Vitamin A, E, B Vitamins and iron and all these are necessary to ensure the healthy growth of the nails. Moreover spinach is great for the overall heath.

Brazil Nuts Well, we all know how much we all love to eat almonds but if you are concerned about the health of your nails, you might have to consider to replace your stash of almonds with Brazil Nuts. Brazil Nuts contain Vitamin B, E, zinc and selenium.

Eggs Now please don’t say that you don’t have eggs on your refrigerator. Eggs are easily available and they are full of protein. As we are all aware, protein is the main ingredient of nail and that means, by increasing the intake of protein or eggs, you can help your nail grow faster and attain a healthy look. To be precise, the nail plate is made of protein.

Broccoli Just the intake of protein is not enough to ensure the healthy growth of your nails. You also need cysteine, an amino acid to help your body put the protein in use. Broccoli is one of those foods that are enriched with this acid and the good thing is that it is abundantly available in the market.

Salmon Love fish? If yes, you need to get this fish on your palate once in a while. This fish contain zinc that will help you body absorb the protein that it gets from other foods. It also contain copper and selenium, both of which are equally important to ensure healthy growth of the nails.

This article is contributed by Evans who is associated with leading bath and body product seller – TheBathMama.