Why Visors Should Accessorize All of Your Outfits

This is the summer of practical, casual, comfortable style. Nothing fits all of these aesthetics quite like the classic that everyone knows: the visor. Although at first, you might be asking why on earth advocate for a flimsy fashion piece like this, you might be surprised at the versatility, chicness, and appeal of this blast from the past piece of headgear.

Celebrities and Runways Love Them

However you feel about the Kardashians, you have to agree that they know a thing or two about style. Kim Kardashian wore a Dior visor from their newest spring collection. This has a lot of implications: the first and greatest implication being that celebrities find them appealing enough to leave the house and be photographed in them. The second implication is that visors have made it back to the runway.

Dior is not the only high-fashion designer that has decided to revitalize the plastic headgear that everyone knows and loves, rather theirs is just the Kardashians’ visor of choice. Other designers such as Burberry and Tommy Hilfiger have also accessorized some of their runway looks with visors from their collections.

It’s a Cheaper Way to Add an Haute-Couture Touch to an Outfit

Although an entire Burberry ensemble from their Spring 2018 line would be nice, the visor is undoubtedly one of the least expensive pieces of that outfit.

This additional pop from a high-fashion brand can elevate any simple outfit from normal to Instagram-worthy. As a matter of fact, this is the way that most of the high-fashion designers also style their visors on the runway. The retro-looking colored plastic and band stand out against the rest of the outfit, which may feature pops of the same colors or be more neutral in nature, drawing the eye to the model’s face.

Perfect for When a Hat is Too Much

Though trucker hats and witty baseball hats have also made their way onto the runway, they are not perfect for every situation. A visor works when a hat is just too hot or just too much for the rest of your look.

Visors have the added bonus of possibly being colored, meaning they cast a colored light onto the face of the wearer. This makes for some cool selfies or even professional photographs that all of your friends will be completely jealous of.

They Complete a Comfortable Vibe

Casual is the buzzword of the season. If the look is too serious or put-together, this year’s fashion pieces stand to help reduce some of that stuffiness. Slide sandals, baseball caps, and visors are just a few of the haute couture yet street-savvy ways to take any outfit from stuffy to cozy.

With this concept of comfort, visors are also an easy accessory to throw on just to do a few errands. Instead of dreading seeing anyone from work at the grocery store because your hair is pulled back by a headband or is in a messy topknot, wear a visor for them to either not see your face or to look more trendy than they will while you pick up a loaf of bread. And all you had to do was pick up a visor as you walked out the door.

There aren’t many good reasons to not invest in one of the hottest summer trends. Be on par with the Kardashians while protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays. They can also take any outfit and turn it into a runway-ready streetwear look, so take a leap of faith and go for a cute new visor.