How to wear earrings for men?

Great news – gone are the days of men’s accessories being looked down upon or seen as tacky.

Nowadays, a simple accessory like a bracelet, lapel pin or a pair of cufflinks can give your outfit that extra something it needs to take you to the next level of style, whilst still looking effortless.

Earrings in particular are an accessory that have increased in popularity recently, but are also one of the trickiest men’s accessories to pull off.

I’ve teamed up with Trendhim to talk you through all you need to know about buying and styling earrings.  

First things first – choose your model. The two most common styles of earrings for men are studs and small hoops.

Studs vs. hoops

Studs are contained on the earlobe and are available in a variety of designs and materials, with the most common being metal. If it’s your first time wearing earrings, then you might want to start small and go for a simple and understated pair. Once you get more comfortable and find your personal earring style, you can begin to experiment more.

If you are a fan of a more alternative style, then you could also experiment with fake plug earrings. These are great if you are considering getting your ear stretched, but are unsure whether the larger stud size will suit you.

Small hoops are a little more adventurous, but are still a stylish piece.

What situation?

You should consider the formality of your setting before deciding which kinds of earrings are best. Studs are probably more appropriate for a formal or work environment, whereas hoops work really nicely with a more casual outfit.

Which ear?

Gone are the days when wearing an earring in a certain ear had a great deal of meaning. Nowadays it doesn’t matter which ear you wear it in, just go with whichever one you feel most comfortable with.

You can also wear an earring in both ears if you feel as though it makes the look more balanced.

What shape and style?

Your earrings should complement your face shape and proportions. For example, if you have rounded face, then you should wear a square shaped earring instead of circle. If you are a larger man, then you can get away with a slightly bigger earring or earrings, whereas if you are skinny or small, a delicate earring would look better. You don’t want to end up looking uneven.

One rule to follow is that if you are wearing metal earrings, they should match the metal colours of other accessories you have on, for example silver cufflinks or a gold watch.

Also consider the placement of the piercing that you are intending to put an earring through. For example, small hoop earrings look great when placed in the tragus or on the upper rim of your ear.

What about clip-ons?

Luckily, you don’t actually need to have your ears pierced to wear earrings! Nowadays there is a huge variety of good clip-on models available that stay on your ears and look stylish without the pain of a piercing.


Be aware that many earrings for men contain nickel, a substance that many people are allergic to or their skin is irritated by. If this is the case for you, then make sure to check what earrings are made of before you buy to avoid disappointment or injury! Steel earrings are likely to contain nickel, albeit in small amounts, whereas wood and sterling silver earrings will not inflict any irritation.