Wedding dress shopping etiquette

You must have planned out your wedding dress shopping routine if you are going to become a bride in near future. Collecting pictures from bridal magazines and researching for the best dress online has become a norm. The bride’s cannot simply wait to get started.

Shopping for a wedding dress is not an easy task. It can be a very daunting activity. There are hundreds of things to approach and a long list of decisions to make. There are number of designers you can choose like Luv Bridal & Fashion | Designer Wedding Dresses Brisbane. But there are certain etiquette to follow once you are actually in the bridal salon. Here are some tips that every bride must keep in mind while shopping for their dream wedding dress.

  • Appointment

Most salons are small and have limited number of rooms which are booked weeks in advance, even months. This requires you to be more vigilant regarding your shopping. There is radical difference between local boutiques and bridal salons. Bridal salons require you to book appointments to ensure that each bride is given adequate amount of time who can guide you to pick the right gown. So give respect to the bridal policies and call to make an appointment beforehand.

  • Be sensitive of appointments happening around you

You are not the only one shopping for your wedding. No one would ask you to curb your excitement but try not to disturb anyone else’s shopping experience. This is especially important when you don’t like the gown on you. Show some honesty with your consultant and try not to be over-sensitive. You never know the dress you are wearing may be the best fit for the girl in the next dressing room. You may be thrilled for the wedding experience but try not to get rowdy. Communicate this aspect to your bridesmaid as well.

  • Avoid makeup

The gowns you will try are samples which means there is only one of each. This requires you to handle each of them with immense care. Treat them as if it’s your own. Do not wear excessive makeup to avoid stains or smudges. Skip the lipstick so that the dress is in original condition for the next bride. Have some sense of responsibility and care for others. Also do not bring in food or drinks to minimize the possibility of ruining the samples.

  • Take care of time

Time is money. The reality is pretty different from dress-shopping TV shows. You do not have unlimited number of time to go through the racks and try on dozen of dresses before settling on one. The appointments in actuality are usually not more than an hour. You may be allowed to go slightly over time but keep in mind that other brides must be waiting outside. There is a specific schedule that salon needs to stick so be empathetic about it. If you think you need more time to make the right decision, make a second appointment and come back later rather than consuming other’s precious time.