Why Wearing White is In This Season


The color white is often overlooked. And in recent years, it’s been maligned. White, for many people, is too basic. Unlike red or blue or black, white can be too simple and not as vibrant as other colors. White is easy to stain, too bright. But saying that is overlooking the fact that white can be a powerful addition to your wardrobe. This season, white is in again. Here’s why wearing white is in this season.

It’s Simple

The fact that white is a simple color may be considered a downside by many people. But white’s simplicity is exactly why white works as a wardrobe addition. There’s a lot of value in having an understated outfit. White blends in and pairs well with almost anything. It’s subtle, clean and crisp, all without saying too much.

It Pairs Well With Anything

As we’ve said before, the color white pairs well with almost anything. Pair it with black for a strong and classic look. Add splashes of white to your outfit to make vibrant colors stand out. White is the workhorse of the wardrobe. While white tends to fade into the background, it also helps emphasize the strengths of other colors and pieces of clothing.

It Works In Any Season

White isn’t even just a summer color, although you’ll be seeing a lot of flowing white dresses, blouses, and even white jeans this season. White is a color that works in almost every season. In spring, white can pair well with the bright colors usually adopted around April. White in winter can make a big impression. And white can even work well in fall, especially when you take into account all the layering and scarves that are usually involved with the fall season.

It Makes An Impression

Sure, white may be simple. But a white heavy wardrobe can make a huge impression. White dresses are coming back. Paired with lace and you’ve got a conversation starter. White jeans take this idea one step further. Sure, white jeans are nothing new in the fashion world. If anyone remembers the seventies, white jeans are in. But as it so happens, what is old is new again. If fringe can make a comeback, so can humble white jeans. White need not be reserved for formal or business events.

What’s In This Season?

Since white is in this season, let’s talk about how we’re wearing white. Sharp cut business suits are in, making an impression both on the street and in the office. We’ve got lacey tops making a big impression. And to make a really big impression, how about a jump suit? Yes, jump suits are in again. And we’ve got everyone from Beyoncé and onward sporting them. White works on both sharp, modern outfits and as a soft, feminine color for dressier looks. From your favorite celebrities to girls on the street, expect to see lots of white and plenty of interesting color combinations this season thanks to fashion’s most versatile color.

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