5 Trends From the ‘90s That Have Made a Major Comeback in 2019

We’re halfway into 2019 and we’ve already seen a fair share of quirky, new trends. But this has also been a big year for comebacks.

The ‘90s was a revolutionary decade for fashion and its staples are having a major moment right now. Take a look around and you’re sure to find fashion inspired by the unique trends of the era. Let’s take a quick peek into styles that have made their way back into 2019.


  • Neon


Neon outfits are back, albeit with a much more subtle vibe. While the typical neon outfits were bright enough to have you run for shade, 2019 has a more subdued, classy look in store for neon ensembles. Colours like lime green, orange and shades of pastel neon are gaining popularity. Embrace the funky, ‘90s vibe with a pair of cut-off neon shorts and a grunge band tee tied off with a knot at the waist. Complete your look with chunky, combat boots and pair of round sunglasses.


  • Biker Shorts


Although a controversial trend, you can find major celebrities like the Kardashians often sporting a trendy pair of biker shorts. This style may not be for everyone, but it is perfect for all you risk-taking fashionistas out there. Don a classic pair of black biker shorts along with a bralette, oversized jacket and sneakers for a minimalistic look. In the mood to get glam? Don a coordinated set of printed biker shorts and a matching top.


  • Flare Jeans


While this trend has been floating around for ages, 2019 is its biggest year. From boot-cut jeans to its more dramatic counterpart i.e. the bell bottoms, this trend has been a big hit this season. Those who like to keep it simple can wear a quintessential pair of boot cut jeans along with a floral printed top for women to add a pop of feminine grace to the outfit. Fashion lovers can opt for a dramatic pair of wide-flared jeans with a crisp white tucked-in shirt. Complete your look with a pair of high-heeled wedge sandals.


  • Slip Dresses


You can never go wrong with this sexy, classy outfit. Be it a party, a work day or just a casual day out, the slip dress is perfect for every occasion. When dressing up for the office, layer a crisp ladies’ shirt underneath your slip dress for a professional outfit and add a pair of oxfords into the mix. When heading out for a casual day with your girls, layer a colourful tee underneath for a playful look. Accentuate your girl-next-door look with some dainty necklaces and chunky sneakers.


  • Animal Prints


This ‘90s trend is a bold statement and definitely not for the faint-hearted. While the typical outfits were mostly in browns and beiges, animal print is evolving into a much wider colour palette. Reds, greys and even neon colours are mixed with animal prints like leopard, snake, and zebra for a fun, quirky look. Those who like to dabble in new trends but want to stay away from bold colours can opt for a subdued pastel-coloured animal print. Channel the fierce fashionista within as you don a sexy leopard print dress for a girls’ night out and turn heads wherever you go.

When fashion trends make a comeback, what is a fashionista to do? Well, embrace them and take her style to the next level!