21’s Best-selling personalized jewelry at MYKA

Like the cherry on top of the cake, jewelry is the delicate flourish that will help complete any outfit. Coco Chanel once said that when you think you’re ready to leave the house, you should take one item off: but every jewelry fan knows that there’s always room for one more piece! If you’re thinking of adding a new piece to your jewelry box then personalized jewelry is one of the biggest trends in the sector right now. Bespoke, unique, and individual, it’s a great way to express your personality. To help inspire your next shopping spree, here are three of 2021’s best-selling personalized jewelry pieces from MYKA:

21s Best selling personalized jewelry at MYKA

1. Taking Inspiration from Sarah Jessica Parker 

It should come as no surprise that, with the long-awaited new series of Sex and the City finally hitting our screens, the most popular trend in personalized jewelry for 2021 is the Carrie name necklace. Inspired by the necklace worn by Sarah Jessica Parker’s character Carrie throughout the series, this is a piece that can be personalized with your own moniker and worn for every occasion. Whilst these necklaces are widely available, the quality can vary considerably. Now so if you order from MYKA: their version is made with 18k Gold over Sterling Silver (0.925) and comes with a matching 18k Gold Plated Sterling Silver Cable Chain. It is designed to replicate the same delicate cursive font of the original Carrie necklace, and can even be upgraded to include a genuine diamond alongside your name.
21s Best selling personalized jewelry at MYKA

2. The Return of Minimalism 

The days of gaudy and overly embellished costume jewelry are gone: Oversized replicas of royal jewelry pieces are as old as the last royal wedding. Instead, simple and minimalist pieces are now back in the limelight, with simple shapes and clean lines taking center stage. MYKA have elevated this concept, by taking a simple 3D bar necklace and allowing their customers to personalize it and make it their own. Because each bar has up to four sides that can be personalized, this piece offers a great way to wear your family close to your heart, making it the ideal gift.
21s Best selling personalized jewelry at MYKA

3. Unexpected Personalization

Finally, whilst personalized necklaces are a huge trend for 2021, and will continue to be so into 2022, unexpected personalization is also growing wildly in popularity right now. This is personalization on bracelets, earrings and even rings, creating a jewelry box that is completely unique to you. One of MYKA’s biggest selling non-necklace models of 2021 is the chain link name bracelet. This is available in both the cursive-style Carrie-inspired font and more minimalist capital letters, meaning that as well as adding your own name, you can also choose the font that best represents your personality too.

Personalized jewelry has been a huge trend in 2021, and that trend is set to continue into 2022. Ideal for gifting to others, or for gifting to yourself, it is an easy and affordable way to inject an accent into any outfit that is completely unique to you.