5 Ways to Look Stunning in Sporty Outfits

5 Ways to Look Stunning in Sporty Outfits

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Long gone are the days when workout wear meant permission to look like a mess as you wear baggy trousers and even baggier shirts. These days, the options for workout wear are vast and they are looking so good so much so that women are rocking their sportswear to do things other than workout.

From celebrities like Gigi Hadid and Reese Whiterspoon to fashion bloggers like Sara Donaldson and Zanita, workout wear is the new trend to looking effortlessly stylish on the street. From coats paired with yoga pants to Yeezus jackets over crop tops, these fashionistas have given us the style inspiration we need to take on this new trend. This being said, with so much fashion inspiration from these girls and from so many others, here are the five best tips to looking stunning while rocking your workout gear.

Throw in a leather jacket

Take your yoga pants and tank top to the next level with a leather jacket. The contrast between your sportswear and something as edgy as a leather jacket is sure to make you look like a fashion rock star, as you combine two very different pieces of material. I like to use this style tip when I am running errands after the gym – its comfortable and it gives the whole outfit an edge that a hoodie would not be able to give.

Rock the crop top

When you spend months working out like a maniac and eating super healthy and boring food to get those killer abs, then it is time to take out the crop top and show everyone all of your hard work. I personally love the upside sports crop tops to workout in but really, you can find crop tops everywhere these days as it is the style piece of the moment for any occasion!

Work in the knitwear

During the colder months, incorporating knitwear into your workout gear is a good way of keeping warm while looking beautiful. From chunky buttoned up cardigans to knitted jumpers, you are sure to make a statement leaving the gym with layers of knitwear paired with your yoga pants.

Work the shoulder

Channeling the 80s workout videos in the best possible way, the off the shoulder top for the gym is still a great option to looking chic and feeling comfortable during your workout. Pair the off the shoulder top with a great sports bra and yoga pants and work your shoulder to the max.

The bag

If you are still leaving your designer bag at home when heading to the gym, then stop it. These days, bringing your designer bag along with you to the gym is the way to make a statement. From Miranda Kerr to Karlie Kloss, take your gym outfit up a notch and use your designer bag to bring luxury to your sportswear.

Author Bio: A fashion and fitness afficianado, Regina empowers women through her writing and fitness tips. If shes not doing yoga or walking her dog, you can catch her surfing the web for whats new at The Upside