Are You Beach Ready? Baywatch Tips for a Perfect Figure

Baywatch, the ultimate 90’s TV show, is getting a remake in 2017. This might make you nostalgic and inspire you to think about getting ready for the beach this summer. The stars, Donna D’Errico and Zac Efron, have started serious workout routines in order to get in shape for the shooting. On the other hand, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is sticking to his own workout plan that has helped him get millions of fans and become a blockbuster juggernaut. Take a page from their handbook and get in shape for the beach in time.

The Rock

The Rocks has a pretty intense routine and he sticks to it religiously. His every day consists of five pre-planned meals filled with carbs and proteins. Morning starts with a run for about 30 to 50 minutes and then the days are separated based on the focus of the exercises. Each muscle group gets a day and there’s always one rest day a week.

The exercises are usually separated into three or four series each consisting of 12-15 reps, but some are done until failure as well. The routine is carefully planned and it took a long time to develop, but Johnson is a serious athlete now in his 40s, and he often works out by listening to his gut feeling, changing the routine and shifting the focus on a different muscle group depending on his daily needs. The only thing that’s constant is the dedication and the work ethic necessary to keep exercising at that level.

Zac Efron

Efron was already in good shape but the exercise routine he created for Baywatch has helped him reach five percent body fat in only 12 weeks. This can be accomplished by making the routine shorter and more intense and by using both cardio and dumbbell exercises simultaneously. This means that being properly prepared, finding the right diet and proper gym wear is essential. Thanks to this type of workout, Efron does not only look like a lifeguard, but also has the agility of one.

The routine is split into three days, each focusing on a different body area. Back and biceps are day one, day two is dedicated to legs, and shoulder, chest, and arms are day three. After that, there’s a mandatory rest day. This approach saves time and works well as both cardio and muscle building routine, which is a perfect fit for this particular role.

Donna D’Errico

D’Errico has taken a different approach than her co-stars. Just a few months ago, she felt insecure about her body and the changes it went through since the last airing of the show. She felt uncomfortable shooting the movie that would require wearing a bright red swimsuit and running around on the beach. So she turned to a plastic surgeon for a simple procedure.

The surgery lasted for about four and a half hours and it consisted of a tummy tuck and liposuction on her stomach, arms, and back. She has also tightened the skin around her abs. The reporters were there to witness the process, and D’Errico was pretty scared that something might go wrong.

However, everything went fine and after a nine-week recovery process, the actress looks amazing and is able to get back to her old role full of confidence. The whole procedure set her back about 55K, but the movie is surely going to make up for that.

Having a perfect body takes work and dedication, even when it comes to Hollywood movie stars. Decide how you want to prepare for the summer and start working on your perfect beach body right away.