Can You Wear a Leather Jacket in the Summer?

If there’s one item of clothing that’s a staple in many people’s wardrobes, it’s the leather jacket.

But is it a fashion faux pas to wear one during the summer? Is it completely uncool (in more ways than one)?

We explore the rules behind wearing leather jackets before offering some gorgeous styling tips for those must-have jackets from the likes of Belstaff.

Is It Acceptable to Wear a Leather Jacket in the Height of Summer?

Leather jackets are one of those clothing essentials that make you feel effortlessly hip when you put one on – and they’re also a must-have for many motorcyclists.

But if you can bear the heat of a leather jacket (let’s face it, they’re not the coolest of jackets!), are you going to be ridiculed by all your fashionable peers?

No, of course not. While wearing one of these jackets during the summer months does come with some challenges, there are some simple ways you can incorporate it into your wardrobe without turning into a pool of sweat in the process.

How to Wear a Leather Jacket in the Summer

First thing’s first – if you’re going to wear a leather jacket without overheating, it’s best to opt for a lightweight alternative. There are plenty of these designs available and in a number of different colours. Lighter colours are another great idea when you’re trying to embrace spring/summer fashions.

Other things to look out for include perforated designs. While these are often done for fashion purposes, they’re also wonderfully practical in warm weather as they’ll allow air to flow into your jacket to keep you cool.

Choosing the right clothes to wear with your jacket is also imperative. Heavy jeans and boots aren’t going to evoke a ‘cool’ look, so try to find lighter fabrics and styles that’ll add instant freshness to your outfit. Floral dresses, faded or white jeans, shorts and shirts are ideal accompaniments for your leather jacket.

The great thing about any leather jacket is that it goes with the majority of clothes to create a rocky edge. So whether you’re heading to the beach in a printed dress or you’re heading out for the night in a pair of cut-off shorts, your jacket will work seamlessly with most summer outfits.

You’ll Have the Last Laugh…

While some may frown as they see you throwing a leather jacket over your shoulder as you walk out of the door in 30-degree heat – fear not. As we all know, the British weather is more than susceptible to change. So when those temperatures dip and those around you are shivering in their summer get-ups, you’ll feel unbelievably warm (and extremely smug) zipped up in your leather jacket.