DIY Beaded Shirt Tutorial That Will Bring To Life Your Old Shirt

Girls constantly want new clothes. And have tones of them. But, instead of buying, why not consider using old pieces to create new ones? Additional decorations on an old piece of clothes can drastically change it’s appearance. You will have a brand new piece without spending money. And today i have a nice idea for you. If you have a denim shirt that you are not wearing so often, let’s give it a little refresh. Check out this DIY beaded shirt tutorial and start now!

Adding  a few beads on the collar will instantly change the appearance of your shirt. And it is so easy to do. See how you can make it. The special part is the cool pattern of placing the beads that will give a trendy touch. Sew the beads very dense on the ends. Then, spread them. You can see the whole process below. Use a mix of white,beige, golden and dusty pink ones to achieve a fantastic look.

This was a very easy DIY project. You will enjoy it for sure! And the outcome will definitely amaze you. Remaking your old shirt is a fun process. You don’t need any special skills at all. These tiny beads make a good statement. If you want something more extraordinary, you can go for jewels, buttons and large beads. Mixing different types and sizes will make it look chic. And you will be able to create so many different outfits.

Beads and jewels can turn your ordinary shirt into extraordinary one! Check out these ideas as well and get inspired. You can create your piece right now!

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