Gold vs Silver: What Type of Jewelry Should You Wear?

Gold vs Silver: What Type of Jewelry Should You Wear?

Fashion is a world of mixing and matching; however, when it comes to jewelry, sometimes gold and silver are not interchangeable. 

Depending on factors that your skin undertones, style, and favorite colors, one type of metal may complement your look better than others. 

Also, durability and longevity are other factors that come into play.

When it comes to gold vs silver, it’s really up to you to see what looks best. However, if you are unsure about what jewelry is best for you, here is a handy guide to see how to choose between gold and silver jewelry. 

What Style Are You Going For?

Depending on what style you want, one jewelry style may be better than the other. 

For example, if you are wearing an outfit that has more warm earth tones, such as browns, tans, oranges, and reds, gold will better suit that look. 

Say you’re wearing an orange blouse, try pairing it with gold earrings or a gold pendant necklace. Gold is an excellent jewelry choice to add a vintage aesthetic to your outfit, while also looking very demure and classy. 

Gold also looks excellent with jewel tones, like those in fashion during autumn: deep purples, teals, and the like look beautiful paired with gold. 

Additionally, if you are wearing cooler tones, like greys, lavenders, or pale blues, silver may look the best. Silver is a great jewelry choice for the winter months and looks beautiful with white and pinks. 

Additionally, think about what other accessories you are wearing and how they work in harmony with your outfit. If you are wearing a tortoise-patterned necklace, a gold moon and star ring may complement the style better than silver snake ring

However, if you are wearing crystals or a brighter piece of jewelry, then silver may be a better accent tone to that particular piece. You can look at a wide variety of jewelry pieces that have this look at

Skin Tone

You may have heard the age-old measure of “your skin tone may look better with a certain metal type,” and to some extent, it can be of benefit.

However, wear whatever you feel best in. But, if you do want to compliment your complexion, here are some interesting factors to consider. 

For example, if your veins lean on the bluer side, you may have a cooler skin tone and may better suit silver jewelry. On the flip side, if your veins are greenish, you may better suit warmer metals like gold. 

Also, you could have a neutral skin tone. If your veins look like a mix of blue and green, then you are in luck! Both gold or silver can complement your tone. 

This is only because the tone of your skin can complement the tone of the jewelry, but if you want to contrast this look, you can also go for the opposite for a more standout look. 

All in all, it can be helpful to use this as a guideline when picking out your jewelry. Moreover, it can even allow you to experiment with different jewelry pieces and elevate your style game out of the box by wearing contrasting jewelry. 

Gold Vs Silver Durability and Allergies

If you are investing in a piece of jewelry, you may want it to last longer then just a trend. Gold and silver are both pretty durable depending on how you care for it; however, it is still essential to know how each material will age with time. 

Gold, in most cases, is more durable than silver due to its chemical makeup. Additionally, gold has a higher mass and higher melting point, so it will most likely last for years to come. 

Silver is still durable, although it has a lower melting point than gold and a smaller mass. The pros of silver are that since it is more malleable, it can be easier to size and customized. 

Another pro for silver is that it is hypoallergic, meaning that it is unlikely to cause irritation or issues with those sensitive to metals. Additionally, you can tell if silver is 100% pure by looking for its 925 stamp on the inside of the jewelry. This stamp means that it is genuine sterling silver and that it does not have nickel in it, a common allergen. 

Gold, on the other hand, can cause an allergic reaction. Depending on your needs, you may need a certain level of karat to make sure there is not an allergy issue. 

If you are concerned about metallic allergies, you can always make sure that the silver or gold you choose to wear is genuine. That way, you know the jewelry you are wearing not only looks beautiful but is safe for you as well. 

Of course, the durability factor of both metals will only be a huge consideration if you wish to keep this piece of jewelry for an extended amount of time, like a wedding ring or special occasion earrings. 

What Does Your Wardrobe Look Like

So, you may not have a distinct style you are going for, but what does your wardrobe look like overall? That may be a great indicator of what jewelry you should implement in your closet. 

If you wear a lot of black, try dressing it up with gold jewelry. Not only does gold help elevate your look, but it can also take a super casual silhouette and make it look much more refined and elegant. 

Moreover, if your wardrobe is more diversified and you change up your look a lot, you can implement both gold and silver jewelry into your wardrobe. However, if you want more subdued jewelry, silver may be a better option since it comes in a wide variety of demure and simplistic styles that look great with more intricate styles and wardrobes. 

If you want to complement a unique style, go for silver jewelry, if you’re going to class up a more neutral and simpler wardrobe, gold is excellent for elevating your everyday style. 

Think of Your Makeup

While jewelry can complement your outfit, it can also work with your makeup. 

Depending on your makeup style, silver or gold jewelry may suit your look better. For example, if you are rocking a purple smokey eye, gold earrings may work best with that look. Say you have a grey eye look, silver earrings may suit that makeup look best. 

Makeup is an art form, and you can experiment with various tones. You can wear more metallic eye looks, like gold or silver shimmers, that match your jewelry, creating a monochromatic aesthetic. 

Also, a red lip looks great with gold earrings. Going back to the vintage vibes, this look is excellent for some old Hollywood glamour that makes you feel like the belle of the ball. 

Want an edgier look or a more intense lip? If you’re going to sport a blue or pastel lip color, then it may pair better with some silver jewelry. 

Explore and play with your look. Makeup is a great way to see what styles you want to incorporate into your life, and it also works hand in hand with your wardrobe and jewelry choices. 

Bringing it All Together

Your wardrobe and makeup all come together and help you decide whether you should go with gold or silver jewelry. Depending on your look, one tone may work best with another. 

Suppose you are on the fence about which metal to choose, analyze your outfit and makeup to see what would best fit. Also, don’t be afraid to dress outside the box. If your outfit is more pastel, but your makeup has warm tones, don’t be scared to go for a contrasting metal. 

These are all guidelines for whether gold or silver is best for you. Of course, if you want to go for an all monochromatic warm-toned look, gold will better suit that desired style. 

At its core, fashion is all about bringing different elements together to present a cohesive or exciting look. 

Gold vs Silver and How to Know What Metal is Right For You

From your style, skin-tone, makeup, allergies, and durability preferences, there are a lot of factors that can go into deciding between gold and silver journeys. 

As fashion trends come and go, these two metals are still the most popular options for a lot of style gurus in their daily lives. This guide on deciding what is best for you can help you narrow down your jewelry decision and help you feel confident as you build your wardrobe and accessory collection. 

As far as gold vs silver, it is your call to decide what’s best for you based on this guide. 

Style is all about expressing yourself. You will look the best in what you feel the best in, letting your inner confidence shine alongside your sparkly earrings. 

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