Harem Pants – Summer Trend

Wide and long pants that are narrowed to the ankle, with a low waist-that is the definition of harem pants, summer version of pants which is widely accepted by women worldwide.

This piece of clothing has its roots in the Arabian Peninsula, which is the combination of long skirt and baggy pants that are loose and elastic at the waist and ankles. The waist is low because they were used for belly dancing.

The modern version of these pants appeared in the 80s of last century, which experienced several changes, initially the material from which are made​​, and later harem pants are almost completely changing the model to meet the needs of everyday tasks that a woman has to work place, at home or out.

Narrow cut with high waist of a streaming fashion fabric is an absolute hit. So, like every summer, and this period is allowed to experiment with combinations where the main emphasis will be your harem pants.

Look at the pictures below to get the inspiration! Enjoy and stay up for more next time!

Harem Pants   Summer Trend

Photo via: pinkpeonies.com

Harem Pants   Summer Trend

Photo via: wheretoget.it