How To Be Well Dresses Without Effort?

Do you want to know the secret behind being well dressed without effort? Don’t miss the fashion tricks that I want to share with you today. Once you get through them, you will be able to rock your daily looks with confidence.

Being well dressed was one of my New year’s resolutions for a few years. I really wanted to look like those stylish girls on the internet. After reading lots of tips, I finally understood why I don’t look stylish despite for trying. And I will share the most important tips that helped me. Are you excited ladies?

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Go for natural fabrics

Natural fabrics will always look expensive. In most of the cases, you would want to avoid polyester fabrics. Manmade materials don’t feel so comfortable on the skin. Instead, go for cotton, silk, or wool. They look much better too. I never paid attention to this before. All my sweaters that said 100% acrylic on the label got stretched after a few wears.


Invest in the right pieces

It is all about investing your money in key pieces. They will change your look instantly and add a dose of style. For example, avoid buying cheap coats and jackets. They can lose their shape, so your final look won’t be as good as you expected. Basic items such as t-shirts and blouses can be bought cheap and still look good. But, make sure that you splurge on the big pieces such as coats and shoes, as they can make or break an outfit.

When looking for clothes, make sure that you avoid the latest trends. Instead, get some neutral basics. They should make about 70% of your wardrobe.

When picking colors, make sure that you avoid bold and bright colors. Basics should be kept in the neutral color palette. You can always add a pop of color with cheaper garments such as blouses and tees.

Proper care

Another thing that makes an outfit look cheap is clothes that lack care. Even the most expensive clothes will look cheap if you don’t keep them in good condition. Make sure that you wash the clothing according to the instruction to keep them in good shape.

Also, have the basic tool handy. Get a lint roller to remove lint and other dirt from your clothes. A hand steamer is a quick way to fix those unwanted wrinkles.

A set of carefully picked accessories

Accessories can instantly elevate the look. But if they are not chosen properly, they can make your outfit look cheap. It is better to invest in fewer accessories, that are carefully picked to go with most of your wardrobe.  You can always transform a basic tee with a nice belt, or a pair of statement earrings. Instead of having lots of accessories, have a few good ones.

Did you find these tips helpful? They really changed the way I dress, so I wanted to share them with you. Don’t forget to follow Fashionsy for more great tips!