How to Find a Great Gym Outfit That Isn’t Too Baggy or Too Revealing

Fitness fashion is experiencing a boom right now. From fitness influencers showing off trendy looks on Instagram, to celebrity activewear brands, people are putting as much thought into what they wear to gym as they do with date night or to work. For women, what to wear to the gym can be tricky. On one hand you want to be comfortable and for your skin to breathe, and you also want to look cute and sexy without wearing very revealing stuff that puts you on display.

Nowadays, people don’t want to just wear a t-shirt and jogging pants to the gym, it seems too boring. Women want to bring personality, character and style to their gym-wear and actually make a statement. That’s great news because you don’t have to choose between super baggy clothes that make you feel totally unfeminine, and very revealing athletic wear that shows off too much of your body which you might not be comfortable with.

How to Look Good for Your Workout

When it comes to our hair and face, looking your best in the gym is about not trying too hard. A ponytail or bun is good enough for your hair. Makeup isn’t necessary but you can go for a simple “no-makeup” look if you want.

A good gym outfit is all about balance – you don’t want to overdress and be too covered up because that won’t be comfortable. You also don’t want to wear next to nothing because it means you’ll be constantly tweaking your top so that it doesn’t show too much cleavage. The most important thing to do is to dress for your body, that way the clothes look like they were custom made for you. Here are some pieces you should invest in for a stylish workouts without being too revealing.

A T-shirt or Tank Top That Fits Right

Wearing a t-shirt or tank top to the gym doesn’t mean it has to be baggy, boring or ill-fitting. In fact, if you see the wide range of options at Next Level apparel, it’s clear you can find a t-shirt to match your style, mood and body. For the t-shirt to look good, it has to really fit you well, if it’s too big you’ll just drown in it and look bigger than you are. If it’s too small it will cling too tight and make it hard for you to move freely while you work out.

Leggings That Stay In Place

Leggings have gone from questionable fashion items to wardrobe staples, and the benefit of this transition is how much fun design and creativity they come with now. You can find printed leggings, ⅞ leggings, or full length leggings for your workout. The key thing, though is that you need to invest in leggings that actually stay by your waist and don’t slide down while you’re doing your squats, lunges and vigorous exercises. The last thing you want is to be constantly pulling up your pants when trying to get a good workout in.

A Well-Fitting Crop Top

If you want to show a little skin, crop tops are perfect for the gym. The most important thing is that it actually fits well. A lot of people wear crop tops that are too small for their bodies and that makes them uncomfortable. Make sure you get a crop top that doesn’t just look good, it has to be functional for everything a workout entails so choose wisely.


If you’re not in the mood for leggings, joggers are a great alternative. They are comfy, stylish and can be dressed up so many different ways. You can pair them with a cropped sports top, a t-shirt or a sports bra and you’ll be able to move freely, look good and feel very comfortable as you lift, run, jump and lunge.

Working out is a lifestyle, a way of life and how you dress for it can actually influence how motivated and confident you are. That being said, you want to get the fit of your clothes just right, not too baggy and not too tight because you’ll either feel frumpy or feel a bit naked. It can be overwhelming finding the right option, but the good news is: there are so many great online shops you can find fitness wear to suit your style, needs and budget. If you’re looking for great t-shirts and tops for your workouts, there are many amazing online shops to find affordable workout gear from the comfort of your couch. Now you can spare your precious energy for some hardcore workouts!