How To Mix Patterns Without Looking Like A Clown

Hello there beauties! Are you looking for some ideas to update your style? I think I have the right ones for you. If you want something different and trendy, then this is something that you should go for. Mixing patterns was considered to be a huge no. But, rules are here to be broken. Having more than a single pattern on your outfit is so chic. And this is definitely something that you should try. However, you should be careful and make the best combination. I want to share with you some helpful tips on that. Read on and find out How To Mix Patterns Without Looking Like A Clown!

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Same color palette

When pairing two different patterns, there are certain rules to be followed. If you want to achieve a cohesive look but still keep the playfulness, choose prints with the same color palette. This will make your work easier. How To Mix Patterns like a pro? This one is the basic rule.

Stripes and floral is a winning combo

This is one common pattern mix that bloggers seem to enjoy so much. Classic stripes paired with fun floral prints is definitely the way to go. Stripes can be consider neutral when pairing with other prints. Keep this in mind.

Same color, different pattern

This is another safe way to incorporate two different patterns in one outfit. Choose two simple colors  and you can play with the rest. Black and white is the excellent base for playing with patterns.

Different scale

Same pattern, but still looks fun. When you pair two of the same prints with different scale, you can get a fascinating result. Small stripes vs big stripes. It can work good for you.

There are so many chic ways to mix your patterns. And you have to find the one that works the best for you. If you don’t feel so confident about this one, you can always go with neutral colors that will balance the look.

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