How to Shop Online For Dresses That Fit

Buying that dress online that doesn’t fit is not only troublesome but also disappointing. Because the highly anticipated purchase has turned to the opposite way. So, let’s be on top of this and master the online shopping skills that will minimize this sort of scenario.

The fundamental of being great at online dresses shopping is to understand your body curves. Knowing the types of cutting that are the perfect fit for your body shape.

Let’s Begin By Measuring Yourself Accurately

Before we start, there are common mistakes we must avoid during the self-measurement process. Remember to always take into the consideration of what you’ll be wearing under your dress. For example, bras that will give you that extra push-up. The best practice is to measure yourself in the underwear.

Another common mistake is not measuring yourself in front of a full-length mirror that you can check your posture, ensuring your feet are not standing apart, as this will cause you to measure your hips wider than they actually are.  So, please remember to wear your underwear, and check your posture in front of a mirror before you begin measuring.

Once you have done all the checks mentioned above, you may wrap the measuring tape around the back, so that you can hold both ends in front of you to read your measurements easily.

Remember to check yourself in the mirror to ensure the tape is parallel to the floor, and not twisted in any way that will affect the accuracy of the measuring exercise.

Another trick is to hold the measuring tape snug to your body by placing one finger underneath the tape. It will help to eliminate the size too small circumstance.

Now, we are ready to measure!

To measure your bust, you can measure under your arms at the fullest part of your bust area.

To measure your waist, you can measure around the smallest part of your torso.

To measure your hips, you can measure around the broadest part of your hips.

Then you store your measurements in your phone or on your computer where you can access it conveniently for online shopping. Use your body stats and fit it into the respective online retailer’s size chart to pick the right size.

Choose Dress Cutting by Body Shape

Always choose the suitable dress styles that are embracing your body curves. Not following what’s trendy, fast-fashion or in the season. As long as you pick a timeless design that you can wear it all seasons, making your investment worthwhile, while looking fabulously comfortable.

Check out the following familiar body shapes that you may reference when browsing through the different dress cutting online.

Apple Body Shape

It is a body shape where you will have a smaller lower body with a broader middle waist area, around the tummy. Your goal here is to shift the focus away from your midsection and transfer the attention to your lower or upper sections instead. So a flowy or shift dress style is most suitable to balance your look.

Banana Body Shape

It is a body shape where your measurements of waist-line and hips area are about the same. Your goal here is to enhance your shoulders and bust area while bringing out a distinctive waist-line with a beautifully designed belted dress, or a sheath dress style.

Pear Body Shape

It is a body shape where you have more volume around the hip area. Your goal here is to feature your shoulders area to balance your body shape. An off-shoulder A-line dress design is perfect to take away the focus from the hips. Not to mention, A-line dress cutting is such a timeless yet chic design for creating a classy look, making it a perfect style for all occasions.

Hourglass Body Shape

It is a body shape where your body curves are proportionately distributed like an hourglass shape.  Your goal here is to flaunt your gorgeous waistline with a statement accessory like a stylish wide belt, or a midi sheath dress designed with a narrow waist.  Bodycon dresses are also a great choice to show off the feminine curves with comfort while looking stylishly sleek.

Whenever you are shopping online for dresses, before you click that buy button, always pick a cutting or dress style that’ll bring out your best feature.  Remember you can only look good if you feel good about yourself. So, start embracing your very own unique body curves today!