How To Update Your Fall Beauty Routine

Don’t know how to update your beauty routine for the fall? When the weather starts to get colder, your skin will require proper care. And it is different from your usual summer skincare. The transition period can be quite stressful for your skin, so you can do a few changes to make sure that it will remain healthy and glowy. Read on and find out how to do this!


During the cold months, your skin will need additional moisture. The chilly wind will strip away the last moisture molecules, leaving you with dry and flaky skin. Everyone makes the same mistake of using their usual summer moisturizer. But, keep in mind that during the cold months your skin needs additional moisture. The heating will also suck out the humidity from the air, which means that your stay indoors will damage your skin too.

Update your routine with a rich face cream that will prevent your skin from drying.

Don’t forget to update your makeup routine too. You can read more about this here: 15 Fall-Perfect Step-by-Step Makeup Tutorials You Must See And Copy


If you don’t exfoliate your skin often, fall is the right time to do it. Once or twice a week is enough to remove the dead skin cells. Your skin tends to get dry much quicker, so make it the repairing process easy with using a gentle face scrub. You don’t have to buy a fancy and expensive one. You can even DIY your cheap face scrub at home.

Avoid hot water in your beauty routine

Do you wash your face with steaming hot water? After reading this, you would want to avoid it. Your face skin is so gentle, so a splash of hot water will be stressful. Your skin will get dry, so it will produce more oils to make it up for the loss. Always use lukewarm water to avoid excessive oils.

Change your face cleanser

Do you feel like your facial cleanser is drying your skin too much? This can be a common thing when cold weather strikes. To avoid this, you can just replace your foamy products with oily cleansers.