Importance of music on people’s health


Some doctors are using music as a cure of pain to patients in hospitals, cool and soothing motivational songs that gives hope to hopeless souls in the hospitals. Some nurses in hospitals sing softly while just in attendance and patients find this as a pain reliever, eases anxiousness and hopelessness. Music can be healing because it contains some powers to fight anxiety and pain especially in extreme conditions like cancer.


Music and health are two different terms that when mentioned, calls for attention. We are all indebted and interested to understand the relationship that exists between health and music. To understand the relationship between the two terms, it is thus very crucial to get to know what health means as well as music and the relationship especially on the health domain of life. This article begins by expressing a core premise that music can have a transformative impact on people’s lives. 

Music is a primary force in the lives of individuals, families, and societies. Across cultures and throughout recorded history, humans make music. Rhythm, song, and improvisation punctuate the progress of individual and general experience, from the melodies of everyday life to the set incantations of ritual. Music activates and shapes the human brain, improving the mind’s ability to listen, code and interpret speech, uplifting emotion, and encoding memory. Music has been an element in the existence and development of the human species and musical instinct has its basis in biology. 

Music and health

There are different categories of music, intended for different purposes, music categories range from modern to cultural music. These categories are performed both on occasion and theatres. There is so much importance that music brings to health. Health in its categories may be in domains of physical, mental and social health perceptions. An American musician Billy Joel once said that music is an explosive expression of humanity, which is necessary for living. Music has the power to change the mood, transform mental ability, increase exercise, reduce pain, assimilate and absorb someone to an activity. Listening to music has therapeutic potential. You can listen to mp3 from youtube online and raise your mood or relax automatically. 

Therefore we can analyze what music has to do with health and try as much to relate to how a human being can generally benefit wellbeing and enjoy life through listening to music. This article is going to expound on the importance of music to health by discussing the benefits it contributes towards well-being.

Music enhances mood

Listening to music benefits mental health by increasing the amount of dopamine hormone produced in the brain which is likely to enhance mood making it a feasible treatment for depression. Health wise, depression is an enemy of wellbeing, it causes deterioration and low self-esteem making one appear to think and weak.

Depression is such a dangerous thing that should not be given way out in one’s life. Depression weakness nerves and makes the body less active thus physical, emotional, social and cognitive malfunctioning. When reduced, there is a promise of growth and successful organs performance. This calls the whole body to active functionality and response to both external and internal environments.