Learning to Sew Your Own Clothes is Easier Than You Think

If you’re the type of person who likes making things with your hands and enjoys fashion, you might want to think about learning to make some of your own clothes. Besides the satisfaction you’ll feel after completing a sewing project, making your own clothes offers the added benefit of enabling you to customize skirts and blouses to your exact size. You can also make clothes in your favorite fabrics and colors — things you might not be able to find when you shop for clothes off the rack.  

Handmade fashions are also a great way to express your individuality and creativity, and making them can save you money. By making your clothes yourself, you can update your entire wardrobe for a fraction of what it would cost to buy the same number of outfits at a store. Having sewing skills will also allow you to alter or repurpose clothing items you once would have donated or thrown away. Also, you can use custom embroidery patches to personalize your clothes.

If you’ve never used a sewing machine before, don’t worry. There are several books and online resources, including articles and instructional videos, out there. You can also register for a class taught by an expert who can help you learn the basics of clothing construction.

Read on for some tips that might be useful for people who want to learn how to sew their own clothes.

Take a Clothing Construction Class

There was a time not too long ago when sewing was considered to be a basic life skill. Sewing techniques were passed down from parents to their children, and most middle and high schools offered classes that taught basic sewing skills. Although learning to sew has fallen somewhat out of fashion, there are still classes that you can take. If you’re a beginner, try looking for basic sewing classes at your local community college or adult education center. Community art centers also sometimes offer sewing classes.

If you already have some sewing skills and are looking to become more advanced, you might consider signing up for a fashion camp. These camps offer training in advanced skills and in the construction of on-trend clothing items. A fashion camp might be a good option for someone who is looking to create their own clothing designs or start their own fashion-related business, whether it’s designing clothes for clients or doing expert alterations. This content will help you if you are thinking about how to start your own clothing line.

Join a Sewing Club

Joining a sewing club is a great way to improve your skills by learning from other people. Clubs can be found through community art centers, fabric stores, colleges and adult education centers. Many sewing clubs meet on a regular basis and have members with varying levels of experience and skill. Some clubs invite experts to give tutorials to their members, while others host events like fabric and pattern swaps.

Start Off Small

If you’ve never sewn anything before, the first project you make shouldn’t be too complicated. Projects like skirts, scarves, bathing suit cover-ups, basic dresses and some children’s clothing are all good for beginners. If you’re not sure if a sewing project is too difficult for your skill level, you can ask the staff at most fabric stores for advice.

Whatever pattern you choose to make, be sure to follow the directions exactly, and make sure you have all the necessary items for the project (buttons, safety pins, etc.) before you begin to avoid having to run to the store while you’re working.

Sewing Isn’t Just For Clothes

Once you’ve mastered the use of your sewing machine, you can make a lot of other items besides clothes. Making your own window treatments, for example, is a great way to customize your home décor because you can choose all your own fabrics and colors. You can make a lot of other great items for your home, too, such as decorative pillows, pillowcases, furniture slipcovers, duvet covers, shower curtains, baby blankets, quilts, and even beds for your pets. Making your own home décor is a lot of fun and can also save you a lot of money.

Hand Sewn Items Make Great Gifts

Learning how to sew will also allow you to make personalized gifts for the people you love. Who wouldn’t want to receive a set of handmade pillows or a hand sewn dress in their favorite color? Handmade clothing and home decor items make great gifts for baby showers, bridal showers, anniversaries and weddings.

Certain hand sewn items, such as quilts, are also ideal for donating to fundraisers and charity auctions.