Making the Most of Summer 2022: Travel, Fashion, and Beauty Trends to Watch Out For

Everyone wants to live life to the full again, following two years of restrictions, time spent indoors, and a less-than-active social life. Countries across the globe—from the US to Argentina, Bali to Spain—are reporting record numbers of flight bookings, with tourists eager to embrace nature-filled trips and to show off their fashion and beauty styles as in days gone by. If you are already planning your summer vacation and you want to make sure you make the perfect choice for your first vacation in “the era of the new normal,” keep abreast of the following trends.

Making the Most of Summer 2022: Travel, Fashion, and Beauty Trends to Watch Out For

Island Vibes Beckon

Island travel will be big in the summer, which makes sense considering the season. Beachy destinations like Ibiza, the Algarve, and Mallorca will be hotter than ever, as they provide the perfect balance between nature gazing, relaxation, and healthy sea-inspired culinary delights. Trends in beach holiday stays include small/boutique hotel stays by the sea (Pierre Traversier’s gorgeous bohemian Ibiza resort, Los Enamorados, is a top choice for those after an exclusive stay, as it comprises only nine rooms and is directly on the seaside). Villa rentals are also in if you can afford them. We’re talking luxury villas with features like infinity pools overlooking the bejeweled sea, outdoor Jacuzzis, and floor-to-ceiling glass walls and enormous windows that enable you to feel like you are part of nature 24/7.

The Colors of Summer

Swimwear will be vibrant, colorful, and bikini-focused this year, with “in” colors and prints including rainbow-inspired crocheted bikinis (check out designs by Anna Sui)and bright orange-hued floral pieces (see Cult Gaia’s cotton bright statement bikinis). Another big trend will be strappy swimwear (take a look at Chromat’s bright coral-hued bikinis, featuring long ties that go around the torso and waist). Finally, get your hands on at least cut-out bathing suit, ensuring your chosen piece has various “spaces” in the waist, chest, and tummy area that will allow your tanned skin to peek through the fabric.

Sea-Inspired Beauty

When it comes to beauty, keep it natural and simple. Boho chic will be the predominant hair and makeup trend and thankfully, it is quite easy to create. Hair will be worn loose in beachy waves. Achieve this look with a simple hair straightening or roller device, ensuring waves are uneven and effortless. Summer is all about great skin and little-to-no makeup but if you have an evening event or dance party you’d like to look your best for, keep your look nude and natural. Apply a luminizing foundation and keep your eyes natural with nude palettes and eyeshadow-based (rather than Kohl) eyeliners. Keep your look contour-light and prioritize the use of a good bronzer instead, highlighting the upper part of your cheekbones with a subtle highlighter that lends your complexion just the right amount of glow. For nights on the town, use subtle bling accessories such as crystals in the inner corner of your eye or a line of crystals framing your upper eyelid, Euphoria-style. Colored eyeliner in fluorescent colors like pink, blue, and green will also prevail.

Summer will see tourists savoring the majesty of travel across the globe. When it comes to destinations, outdoorsy, island spots like Ibiza and Mallorca are all the rage, as they enable you to enjoy an active and relaxing vacation while soaking in the rays of the sun. When it comes to style, vivid hues such as orange, scarlet, and rainbow will be all the rage. Hair and makeup, on the contrary, will be natural, nude, and distinctly effortless.