The Perfect Pullovers – The Secret to Winter Fashion

Who doesn’t love a really great pullover? Pullovers are one of the best additions to achieve that perfect layered look, as well as keep you cozy as the weather turns cold. There are a few pullover styles that every fashionista must have in her closet to complete that wardrobe for the winter months.

The Crew Neck

Crew necks, both wool and cashmere, are a wonderful winter wardrobe addition, allowing for a laid-back but still sophisticated look. Layer with an oxford combo, or denim or chambray button down for a more casual tone. Paired perfectly with skinny jeans or even skirts, printed pants, and leggings – this type of sweater is versatile and never falls out of fashion. Every woman needs at least one cashmere sweater in her wardrobe, so why not make it a crew neck and have that casual but classy look at your disposal.

Cropped Sweater

Absolutely perfect for layering, the cropped sweater keeps you warm where it counts and still accommodates whatever you pair with it for that full visual combination effect. Usually a favorite for completing fall looks, but you can easily bring this staple item into the winter months with a few warmer layering techniques. We would suggest a white wool crop – it’s easy to pair with everything and gives any outfit that white, wintery feel that cozy sweaters are made for.

The Turtle Neck

This is not the kind of turtleneck you had as a child that made your neck itchy and gave you the feeling that you were being choked. We all hated those. Modern turtlenecks are not only in-trend, but have some of the most exceptional styling potential, making them a must for any winter wardrobe. One of the biggest trends of 2016 and expected to strongly forge on for 2017, staying in vogue this season will be all about finding the perfect turtleneck – just stay clear of those itchy materials and you’re all set. Bottom line, this pullover option is not only practical for keeping you warm, but it offers wonderful layering opportunities; pair with a fur vest or chic outerwear, this understated sweater complements almost any outfit, while simultaneously adding a smart appeal to any look.

Oversized Knit

This can be a straight hem or asymmetrical; an oversized knit is not only the epitome of cozy, but when paired with leggings and knee or thigh-high boots, as well as layered with the right scarf and jacket, it is not only cozy but exceptionally trendy. Beat the cold with this hot look that is perfect for both being out and about, or nestling in for a warm evening at home.

Sweater Dress

Unlike the oversized knit that is all about that chunky chic look with cozy appeal, an excellent sweater dress is usually less chunky and more form flattering – without compromising on the cozy. Paired with a large scarf and knee-high boots, this look is both warm and stylish, whilst also being good for the days when stuffing yourself into another pair of pants is just unthinkable. We all have those days.

What looks do you want to try out this winter? Do you have a favorite sweater style that we haven’t mentioned? Let us know in the comment section below. And as always, keep checking in with Fashionsy for your regular fix of fashion inspiration.