The Best Designer Bags To Buy Now For Resale Later

We all want to look our best, we want the best looking outfits, preferably something that no one else is wearing, top of the line accessories that are recognized by others, and heels that match perfectly with everything else. Most of us, however, are at least limited on just how nice we can go! One of the best solutions to this small detail is to have a plan.

What You Need To Know

Take some time to google ‘pre-owned luxury handbags.’ You may be surprised by what you will find. There are handbags, totes, and clutches from any designer you have ever heard of. Carrying a gently used, pre-owned handbag could still be considered a luxury. People may not pay what they will cost brand new, but many of them are buying gently used, well cared for, handbags for as little as 10-30% less than they would pay for a brand new bag. That may not sound real logical, but another thing that you will see when you look is that there are many businesses selling used Chanel purses. 

There is definitely a market for your previously loved handbags. When you buy a Chanel luxury handbag, make sure that you protect the receipt. It will need to be treated as an important document and kept in a safe place. If you ever do decide to sell it, your receipt will be your documentation of the date it was originally purchased, where it was purchased, and of course, how much was originally paid. All of that information will prove the authentication of your Chanel handbag.

Examples of Resale Handbags Found Online

  • Chanel Caviar quilted Mini Rectangular flap black…..$ 4,959.00
  • Gucci Black Python Soho Chain Tote………………….$ 2,038.50
  • Louis Vitton Damier Ebene Bloomsbury Bag…………$ 1,079.10
  • Versace Shoulder bag Medusa Whites………………..$ 598.50
  • MCM Cognac Monogram Visetos Boston……………..$ 359.10

The Plan

Buy yourself a brand new Chanel bag, that you absolutely love, and enjoy it! Let your heart smile when someone says “Wow! Is that a Chanel?” Find the perfectly matched outfits and if necessary, make up places to go and show them off. Thoroughly enjoy your luxury handbag that will one day become a gently used handbag that someone will be willing to pay more than half of what you spent on it. 

Ninety percent of $4,959 is $4,463, that would be for a bag that was in very good condition. If you sell it to a dealer, it would be less because they have to make money also. No matter how much you could sell it for though, used Chanel purses would be sold for more than you would most likely sell other luxury bags for. Then, you can take that return on your investment, and go buy another!

Why are Chanel Bags Worth So Much Money?

Chanel bags are considered luxury bags in part because of their price. One of the things that makes them “Luxury” is the fact that everyone cannot obtain them. They are in high demand and the company claims to often have difficulty keeping up with demand. They also have said that in order to keep Chanel exclusively luxury they need to keep increasing the price. Chanel handbags are made out of the best products available and go through strict inspection procedures.

The Chanel name and products never go out of style. The purchase of a Chanel handbag is not just a purchase, it is an investment that with good care, will not lose much value over time. Given enough time, they will likely go up in value. Heirloom items that are well preserved are often worth more than they were originally purchased for, but a Chanel heirloom will definitely be a prized possession. Do you suppose handbags were on Coco Chanel’s mind when she said, “The best things in life are free, the second-best are very expensive.”?

A Little Chanel History

Coco Chanel impacted the lives of women in eye-catching ways. In the early 1900s, women wore corsets. A corset was a strip of material worn from below the chest to the hips. It had laces that could be tightly drawn to shape the body, giving the appearance of curves where maybe there really were none. Coco refused to wear an uncomfortable corset, she chose to wear comfortable, even softer clothing. She also started wearing men’s clothing. Women of that time wore dresses and very seldom wore trousers. It did not take long to change the standards. One individual woman, somewhere in Paris, influenced people around the world. She changed the way women were perceived in many ways and proved to the world that it was possible to be both a soft pretty woman and a progressive, successful, businesswoman.

The young girl who led the way in women’s fashion may have never realized the ripples of change that she created. Coco Chanel wanted to produce a bag with chains on it so that she could keep her hands in her pockets. That was the birth of shoulder bags. They are still extremely popular, convenient, common sense purchases today.

One of Coco Chanel’s most famous quotes, “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” is as true now as it was then, and it may be one of the most obvious reasons that Chanel handbags are so coveted, they make us feel classy and fabulous! Women from all over the world love these handbags, clutches, and totes and they are the desired accessory for women of every age. Coco Chanel was born Gabrielle Bonheur. She had two sisters and their mother died when she was six years old. She learned how to sew and then she developed wings. She went through a period in her life when she made simple hats which became very popular. She is the one who made the little black dress popular and later, gave us bell bottoms. Chanel perfume is very popular.

Benefits Of Owning A Chanel Handbag

She was an intelligent and successful businesswoman who had many quotable things to say!

Though she was a notable designer of many things “fashion” one of the most beloved things may always be the Chanel handbags. She lived from 1883 to 1971 and her legacy is still alive and well. She once said, “My life didn’t please me, so I created my life.” Her life’s work represented an imminent change in women’s lives that would spread around the world. 

One of her well-made handbags that have a classic and simple fashion design and enduring appeal, could be the most valuable investment you will ever make. You will own one of the monumental indications of social change for women ever crafted. She freed her hands with a chain, turned a handbag into a luxury item, and stamped the fashion world with the name, Chanel.