Tips to Stay Healthy During This Pandemic

The outbreak and spread of coronavirus have had a very significant impact on our lives. With the new changes taking place, it is okay to feel stressed, overwhelmed, and anxious. Practicing self-isolation and social distancing is crucial, but it may lead to loneliness and sadness.

Therefore, you must take care of your well-being and health during these challenging times. Below are some of the top tips that will help you stay healthy, connected, and happy during the COVID-19 period.

Tips to Stay Healthy During This Pandemic

Have a balanced diet

Eating a balanced diet boosts your immunity so that it can fight COVID-19. You should have a balanced diet, including proteins, carbohydrates, liquid vitamins, fruits, whole grains, and vegetables in your meal. Whole foods like fresh herbs, oranges, tomatoes, and leafy greens have tons of vitamins and minerals essential for building immunity.

Also, remember always to take enough water to keep your body hydrated throughout the day. Instead of drinking black tea and coffee, opt for herbal teas like peppermint tea to aid in digestion. As you eat a balanced diet, avoid emotional eating and practice self-discipline.

Be mindful

To cultivate your sense of being and mental health, pay attention to everything you do, and be mindful. Being mindful prevents loneliness, stress, and anxiety. You don’t have to complicate the process of being conscious. For instance, when eating meals, take your time, enjoy the meal, and eat the food without any distractions.

Mindful breathing can also help. Take deep breaths and exhale slowly to cultivate an inner sense of peace and to calm the nervous system. Be mindful of your dressing or look up tips on how to dress well. Conscious thinking will also help you to cope with negative emotions and feelings. Acknowledge your reactions if they get out of control.

Be active

Even if not all gyms are open, there are many other physical activities you can engage in. You can watch a workout on YouTube or download apps that have physical exercises. Also, as you social distance from others, you can go for a short walk or jog to make your body active. Ensure your calorie intake is not more than the calories you burn. An active body is less prone to diseases and has more excellent immunity.

Get enough sleep

Rest is fundamental. Good sleep, in particular, is suitable for overall health. The immune system in the body is made in such a way that it alters sleep. Consequently, sleep affects the adaptive and innate arm of the body’s defense mechanisms. While each individual is responsible for the number of hours they should sleep in a night, an average adult should sleep for an average of seven to eight hours a night.

Entertain yourself

Always strive to be entertained and busy during this period. Learn new skills, get new hobbies with YouTube vlogs, play online puzzles, with your favorite shows, or listen to music to remain active and entertained.

Connect with others

You can utilize this period by reconnecting with your old friends, workmates, and family. You don’t have to be with them physically; you can have video calls, calls on Skype, or conference calls. Such calls will help you to remain engaged and connected with your loved ones.

This should be the time to learn how to use technology to connect with others. You can even download apps like Zoom, which are free and will allow you to communicate with anyone anytime of the day. Sending texts through chatting also helps you stay associated with people.

Apps like Messenger and WhatsApp make it easy for you to share texts, videos, and images with people close to you. You can even go the old-fashioned way and write a letter to one of your old friends or parents and remind them how much they mean to you.

Connect with mental health resources

This is an unsettling and challenging time, and you might have mental health problems. During such occurrences, you can call various mental health resources for support and advice. Different resources offer confidential and free services to everyone. Most countries have come up with online forums that aim to help its citizens overcome the pandemic.

Be informed

These are very uncertain times, and wrong and false information are everywhere. Overloading could lead to anxiety and stress. There are various sites that always give updates as well as tips to stay safe. Get the right information from relevant and reliable sources and always be informed.