Why do hairstylists prefer the tape in hair extensions method?

The tape in hair extensionsis indeed one of the preferred hair extension techniques by majority of the hair stylists around the world. The process of application can be seamlessly executed without any fear of breakage and damaging the hair. In addition, the earning costs of tape in hair extensions are higher when compared to other types of hair extensions.

Hair extensions, in general, can be expensive and the price doesn’t include the installation or maintenance services. Once you start browsing the different options available to you, you will find a huge difference between online and offline retail prices. Even among online alternatives, there are big differences. If you would like to get tape in hair extensions at the lowest prices on the market, you are likely to find the best deals on websites where they eliminated the middleman.

The application process is simple and quick

The installation of tape in extensions is very easy and they are available in wide varieties of sizes and varying lengths. It consists of narrower pieces which are inserted across the hairlines. It is actually the spot where our natural hair is fine, loose and thin. However, smaller pieces are also used to fill the crown for extra volume. It is a painless application process and the estimated time taken to complete is about 45 minutes.

Most of the professional hair stylists make use of their skills to include dimensions with various placements as per the client needs.


This hair integration is one of the most cost-effective techniques among the hair extensions.

Cost is one of the major factors in choosing an extension.

It is a flexible application which is usually applied by inserting two hair pieces into the natural human hair to create additional length and look.

It enables the user to evenly spread their hair for a natural appearance and feel.

The average lifespan of this method is about eight to twelve weeks.

It allows the hair stylist to boost their revenue through pre-booking within a gap of few months.

According to a professional hair technician, revenue can be generated by resorting to this application.

The application process of tape in hair extensions wefts and its maintenance is very low compared to other types of extensions.

Not vulnerable to damage

If this extension is properly treated and handled correctly, you can rest assured that it will prevent any sorts of damage to the natural hair.

They are very sensitive so the user should not unnecessarily pull or tug their hair.

The installation process and removal is comparatively very easy. The user will not experience any discomfort while wearing this type of hair extension.

Maximum durability

It is one of the top extension methods which ensure durability, but it is purely based on how the user handles and takes care of this extension. They have to pay close attention while detangling and utilizing cosmetic tools such as hair dryers.

Comfortable to wear

It is extremely easy to wear and use. They have specially designed tapes which are finer and thinner. The color of the tape perfectly blends with any hairstyles which is extremely useful for the users who have fine and thin hair.

Color options

There are wide ranges of colors and one can even include lighter hair pieces for a perfect and natural appearance. Besides that, extra cool colors can be added while attending special events such as wedding ceremonies and birthday parties. Customizing options are also available.


It is very flexible so you can easily tie your hair in high ponytails and braids. They are usually very thin and undetectable.

It is quite difficult to perceive and feel the presence of this extension while brushing and washing. This extension can be dried very quickly without damaging the tape or glue.


This extension can be reused at least three to four times.

As soon as you have removed tape in hair extensions, thoroughly clean it and replace the old tape with new ones.

In order to execute this application, you should have procured a superior quality tape in hair extensions.

It would take only a few minutes to remove the tape in hair extensions.

On the other hand, detaching other hair extensions might take several hours.

Easy to maintain

It is the only hair extension technique which is very convenient and easy to maintain since it has only 1.5-inch width.

Keep in mind that low-quality non-remy extensions do not last long and are susceptible to wear and tear.

It is better to spend money in purchasing top quality tape extensions to prevent shedding, matting, and tangling of natural hair.

In addition, they are very convenient to handle and maintain. It is also one of the best choices for those people who wish to automatically switch over from individual extensions to tape in extensions.

  • Choose the color option, which is best, suited for your appearance and look.
  • Examine in detail the overall length of the tape extensions. It is better to pick longer ones for creating additional volume thereby allowing them to trim the hair with ease.
  • It is advisable to color the existing natural hair in order to blend well with the tape extensions. However, you have to make sure that you do not apply color to the extensions since they are available in varying colors. It is not possible to either replace or exchange the extensions if they are inadvertently colored.
  • Pay close attention especially while you are combing and brushing the tape extensions.
  • Make use of the suggested hair conditioners and shampoo by your hair stylist. Gently comb the hair before rinsing the hair extension after taking a shower.

Some of the advantages of tape in hair extensions

  • It is very easy to attach and remove the tape extensions. The process of maintaining is very similar to that of our natural hair. Brush the extensions at regular intervals.
  • You can indulge in recreational activities such as swimming, diving, and workout while wearing these extensions. As usual, ensure to wear a swim cap before bathing or swimming while wearing tape in extensions.
  • It is undoubtedly one of the most cost-effective hair extension techniques, which are available in the market. The total time taken to execute the application is roughly 45 minutes.
  • This type of extension allows the user to experiment with wide varieties of hairstyles without even resorting to clip-in and extra hair. They are extremely easy to style, and it is undetectable
  • It is one of the most versatile hair integration options than the rest of the extensions. It can be seamlessly shaped in the form of high ponytails, long beachy waves, and a full body blowout.
  • Obtain additional volume and length. Most of the people are losing their confidence level due to shorter and thinner hair. This extension will be very helpful for such a group of people to regain and boost the level of confidence.