3 Ways to Finish off Your Look

While you may spend time choosing the perfect suit, dress, or work attire ready for the day or night ahead, often the shining star of the outfit is the finishing touches. The finishing touch can bring the whole look together, helping you make an impact whether you’re walking into the office, a job interview, or a formal event. Below we explore three ways to finish off your look, ensuring you impress whoever you may meet and, arguably the most important factor, feel confident and comfortable at all times.  


  • A Warm, Cozy Jacket 


It may feel too early to be thinking ahead to the Fall/Winter season, but summer is the best time to prepare for the arrival of the cooler weather. A warm coat will not only allow you to maintain your style, but it will also finish off your look, no matter where you are going. A peacoat, for example, is an iconic style which is perfect for formal attire, keep you warm on the way to work, or a night on the town. It’s fashioned after naval heritage and provide a flattering silhouette which will suit you year after year. You can purchase the ideal coat from the Gloverall Peacoat range, and you can rest assured the jacket you buy will be of exceptional quality and built to last.   


  • Statement Accessories 


Accessories are often the first thing you may think of when deciding on finishing touches, but how do you decide which is best for your outfit? It will vary, of course, from occasion to occasion. After all, a diamond choker necklace will look out of place in a casual office, whereas diamond stud earrings are versatile and will add a touch of glamour to everyday wear. For women, an accessory may also include the handbag you choose. A clutch bag, for example, is ideal for eveningwear. 

For men, accessories may include a statement watch. Watches have endured the test of time and are as fashionable and on-trend today as they were decades ago. Choosing the perfect watch, however, may feel like a challenge, and there are many different types available. A sports watch is a great addition to activewear and usually has many features which will enhance your exercising; a classic watch, such as Omega with a leather strap, will add a touch of luxury to eveningwear and help you make an impact. A watch will certainly finish off your look, whether you’re spending time outdoors, in the office, or walking the red carpet.    


  • Comfortable yet Stylish Shoes 


Your shoes will often dictate how comfortable you feel, especially on a night out where you will potentially spend the majority of your time on your feet. Selecting a pair which you know will help you dance the night away is a pivotal way to finish off your look. Heels may look beautiful, but if you can’t walk in them, why select a pair of stilettos? There are many variations of heels, including wedges, which will be ideal for a summer night out. Additionally, a pair of flat shoes are versatile and will be perfect for a day in the office or a casual night out after work.   

Adding the finishing touch to your outfit will help you not only make a statement but maintain your individual style. The above three ways are a suggestion on how to create the perfect impact no matter what the occasion is. However, additional finishing touches can include your makeup, your hairstyle, and even the glasses you wear. Above all, have fun experimenting with a variety of ways to let your unique personality shine through with every outfit.