5 Fashion Trends on the Horizon for Autumn & Winter 2020

New fashion trends can be hard to pin down, but if you want to stay on top of it all, just follow our simple guide! We’ve been paying attention to what in fashion on the rise, so you don’t have to.

Read on to get our five picks for trendy items to come this fall. Pick your favorites and get started looking your best this year.

5 Fashion Trends on the Horizon for Autumn & Winter 2020

1. Boots

Something that’ll be big for the autumn and winter seasons, has to be boots. From ankle boots to cowboy boots, these versatile shoes are sure to be a hit. Boots are great for all seasons and are easily dressed up or dressed down.

If you’re seriously considering buying a good pair of western boots this season, you might as well read some reviews to get some useful tips. Reading reviews is a simple way of properly informing yourself, before spending your hard earned money. When you’re ready to buy, make sure to pay attention to the measurement of the diameter of your calves. If the boots are too tight or too loose around your calves, it won’t matter how well they fit on your feet – it won’t be a perfect match and you’ll regret your purchase.

2. Statement Face Masks

The next item that is sure to start flying off the shelves this year is a cute printed face mask. These masks have a more important purpose than just being a fashion statement, though – they help us with virus protection and air quality issues, giving many a sense of security. 

Face masks have been prevalent in Asian fashion for years. But now, in general, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean fashion especially is hitting the global market in big ways – and it only makes sense that face masks are the next pieces to be adopted across the world. 

Face masks are washable, come in hundreds of colors and designs, and help keep you safe. That’s why these items are looking to be worn by more people than ever before in the coming seasons.

3. Tight Sleeves

Another trend we’ll be seeing everywhere in the coming months are silhouettes with long tight sleeves. Covering up has been a rising trend across streetwear and pop fashion lately, as seen on stars like Billie Eilish, Alexa Chung, and Meghan Markle.

Not only are they practical, but long-sleeved silhouettes give everyone beautiful clean lines and shapes on their body that photograph well. As everyone knows these days, the trends that take off are the ones that look good on camera.

5 Fashion Trends on the Horizon for Autumn & Winter 2020

4. Dramatic Eye Looks

Next up, we’re forecasting dramatic eye looks will make a comeback. While the past year or so has seen beauty trends focused on glowing skin, lightweight foundation, and a general shift from makeup to skincare, we know heavy eye makeup is about to hit the scene with more force than ever.

This trend is directly connected to the mass adoption of wearing face masks. As people try to make their masks last longer and longer, we’re likely to see a decrease in crème and powder complexion products. That’s because those products will rub off on the edges of the mask making them look unsightly, and since masks cover lips, bold lipstick won’t be in vogue either. 

Meanwhile, a bold eye will make you stand out even when everything else is covered.

You’re sure to see people play with bright inner corner looks, as well as colorful neon eyeliner. 

5. Blue Light Glasses

Our last trend highlight for A/W 2020 is blue light glasses. These glasses have lenses with a blue tint on them, designed to filter out the blue light that emits from our screens.

According to health at Harvard, blue light is damaging to the human eye and can affect our natural circadian rhythm, which for some means they don’t sleep as well if they’ve been using a computer or phone screen for a long time. Blue light glasses help block out some of those hard lights while giving us some style.

Anyone could have predicted this trend coming. After all, glasses have already been trendy accessories for the last decade or so with the rise of geek chic. That resulted in an explosion of cute frames on the market – which has been great for prescription glasses wearers! Now, everyone can get in on the trend.

Beyond that, the exponential increase and necessity of screen time means anything that helps us stay locked into that world while looking cute is sure to be a hit.

Wrapping Up

Trends will always evolve and change, but you should wear what makes you feel best. Don’t be afraid to try something new and see if it gives you the confidence to shine.

A new haircut or pair of shoes could be just the thing to rocket you back into fashion. Look stylish and stay safe come fall with our fashion forecast.