Fashionable Scrubs, an Oxymoron? Not Anymore!

In the days way back when, when you heard the word medical scrubs, an image of a nurse dressed in a stiff white nurse dress with a matching hat would come to mind. Over the years things changed and colored scrub sets have become increasingly popular. So much so, that now the majority of those working in medical facilities are color coded, and are actually required to wear specific colored scrubs. But now, ladies and gentlemen, things are getting even better for those in the medical world. No longer do you have to wear those baggy, shapeless scrub tops and pants; fashionable scrubs have made their grand appearance.

Scrub Tops

The scrub tops of today are trendy, stylish and positively fashion forward. They complement all body types, accentuating your curves, and slimming your bulge. Who says scrubs have to be boring? You can look amazing, even when clad in your medical uniform. Coming in literally every color of the rainbow, you can take your pick at favorite color and show your individuality.

Scrub Pants

With scrub pants it gets really exciting. No longer just offering a baggy unisex cargo, the scrub brands of today understanding the discerning taste of the fashion conscious medical professionals, and created collections that show it!

Jogger pants are extremely popular, and with good reason. They are trendy, comfy, and oh so easy to pull off that seamless casual look. Well now, have no fear nurses and docs there is a full selection of jogger scrubs that will keep you looking cool, even while on the job. Top brands such as Barco One, Cherokee, Med Couture, Dickies and more have added joggers to their collection. They look so amazing that you can seriously wear them on your day off from work, and no one will be the wiser that you are actually wearing scrubs! There are men’s scrub joggers, as well women’s allowing everyone to feel and look cool and up to date.

Another great example of how scrubs are become more fashionable is the skinny scrub pants. Who doesn’t love the look of skinny jeans? They are staple in any fashion conscious person’s closet. Now, you can wear them to work as well, almost- not the jeans, but skinny scrub pants!

And we can’t leave out a favorite amongst those in nursing uniforms- the bootcut scrub pants. We have all been hearing that bootcut jeans are making a comeback in 2019; some are glad, and some are outright horrified. It will take a bit getting used to the contrast from the skinny to the bootcut, but we’ll all get used to it. For those who wear scrubs, the bootcut leg style is a classic. Comfortable, easy and now the newest fashion look, you just can’t go wrong with it.

Scrub Jackets

Practically worn to keep warm, medical scrub jackets also can make a fashion statement. Now coming in bomber styles and slim fitting styles, these medical jackets that can be worn on the streets and will get compliments.

So, now that all your misconceptions of boring, unfashionable medical apparel have been cleared away, hit the stores and fill your closet with fashion forward and trendy medical uniforms.