How to Turn a Basic Polo Shirt Into Chic and Unique One

Clothes that follow fashion trends tend to become outdated when a new trend appears. We also sometimes get bored of our clothes and want new and unique garments. We can’t control fashion trends, but there are ways to avoid getting bored with our old clothes. 

Clothes created from versatile materials can be recycled or adapted to conform to newer trends. Usually, shirts are the easiest piece of clothing to customize and feel like it is brand new. Custom polo shirts are a good example; most polo shirts come blank, without text or prints on them, and it allows us to customize them.

Adding Prints

In most cases, polo shirts don’t have prints because people don’t find the combination of a print and a collar appealing. This is not an issue for a person with imagination and tailoring skills. The collar can be removed, and with the addition of some prints, they can create a unique shirt. Of course, if we like the collar, we can keep it and add patterns or photos. 

Polo shirts are considered a casual business type of clothing. With the addition of prints, we can transform them into casual clothes and wear them on any occasion. 

Adding Embroidery

If we want a more elegant and unique polo shirt and don’t want to add prints, there is a solution. We can simply embroider it. Embroideries can come in different sizes, and anyone can appreciate the appeal of embroidery. 

The difference between embroidery and a print is that embroidery will maintain the business-casual nature of a polo shirt. So, it can be worn at the office, especially if the embroideries are of good quality. 

Find New Ways to Wear It

Many techniques can help transform an old shirt into a different piece of clothing. The same applies to polos. Ideally, if we still want to wear it as a shirt, we can transform it into a crop top with a few alterations. Crop tops are popular with women, and they can style them easily. 

We know that there are fashion trends where it is popular to wear sports clothing. When such a trend is popular, we can transform a polo shirt from any sports team into a unique casual piece of clothing. With the help of a tailor, we can narrow it, make it tighter, or change it into a crop top, but keep the collar. That new shirt will be unique and appreciated by lovers of polo shirts and sports fans. 

Turn It Into Art

There are places where framed shirts are hung on the walls. We can do the same with our basic polo shirts. We just need to paint and frame them to transform them into art. There is special paint to help with this process and create something unique. The problem is that it would be uncomfortable to wear a painted polo shirt because the paint is not flexible after it dries. Thus, painted shirts are perfect to be an exhibition item. 

There is also the opportunity to transform a blank polo shirt into something special if it is signed with a celebrity’s autograph. That way, the autograph and the shirt will last for a long time.