Be Bold. Be Daring. Experimenting With Your Style Can Help You Discover the Real You

Fashion is constantly changing. It seems that every day there’s some new trend that everyone is dying to rock. Some of them might pique your interest, but you’re a bit hesitant about stepping out there and trying something new. You’re worried about what others will say or how you’ll look in public. It can be nerve-wracking if you let it. Yet, trying new styles is the perfect way to figure out your own fashion identity. Sure, there might be some things you love and some may be an epic fail, but you’ll never know until you try…right?

Seriously, if you’re not the type of person who chooses to play it safe, jumping out the window might seem a bit uncomfortable. You want to try new trends, but you’re looking for a way to do it that doesn’t put too much pressure on you and shock the heck out of everyone else. Here are some ways to get your toes wet.

Keep an Eye on Trends

The best way to start experimenting with your personal style is to keep your eyes on trends. Trends are often easier to pull off because everyone is into them, which means you won’t be the only one wearing some version of it. Social media can be instrumental in helping you to keep up with the latest trends in fashion.

Make it an Original

Sometimes the best way to boost your confidence about fashion is to wear something you made yourself. You can sew your own clothes and choose fabrics and patterns that are similar to styles you like or styles that are trending. You could also try making your own jewelry by ordering beads and supplies like those found at GemPacked. When you’ve put your blood, sweat, and tears into an article of clothing or a piece of jewelry it can boost your confidence and make you proud to show it off.

Try the Thrift Shops

Buying apparel that you may or may not like can get expensive. If you want to find variety but keep your costs low, you should check out local thrift shops. You’d be surprised what you’ll find in there for a steal. If you’re handy with a needle and thread you can easily alter the clothing to make it more suitable to your personal style. With old styles repeating themselves today, you just may find some things that were trending in the 90s which are fashionably relevant today.

Subtle Changes

Not ready to wow the world with the new you (or not sure what your personal style is just yet)? It may be best for you to ease yourself into the transition by starting with subtle changes. Switching up your jewelry, choosing fashion scarves and belts, or even wearing a new pair of shoes is a change, but not so drastic that you become overwhelmed by what others may think.

Add a Little Color

If your closet is filled with neutrals and black, you can make a quick adjustment by experimenting with more color in your wardrobe. Adding a pair of red pumps and blazer to a black dress, for example, can help you stand out at work and feel great about how you look. If you’re not ready to go with bold colors and patterns, start with something like pastels or adding color in more subtle ways like in a belt, scarf, or your shoes.

Tune Out Opinions

No one wants to feel like they’re an outsider or that people are talking about them, however, the truth is, no matter what you have on, there will always be someone talking about you. You have to learn to tune out the opinion of those who you don’t value (or didn’t ask for). Maybe you want to know what mom or your bestie thinks, but Susie at work or a random commenter on social media isn’t worth your energy and should change your style.

A style is a form of personal expression. You should be free to experiment and explore as often as you’d like. If you’re trying to find your personal style or simply trying to broaden your horizons, there are a lot of ways you can go about it without going overboard. Start at your own pace and as you feel comfortable switch things up again and keep the onlookers guessing.