Top 4: Which Michael Kors Perfume Smells the Best

American fashion designer Michael Kors has become an icon in the industry thanks to his classic, yet unique collections. After studying the craft in New York, he was named creative director for the reputable Céline fashion house. Then, in 2003 he opened his own company, and it quickly became one of the most prestigious players in the game.

Although it is most known for the bags and watches, the brand also offers an impressive line of fragrances with minimal and elegant packaging that cater to the needs of every type of woman out there. When there’s so much to choose from, we can’t help but wonder, which Michael Kors perfume smells the best?

Top 4 Michael Kors Perfumes

Although most options on the list are variations of the floral genre, every single scent is individual and carries its own specific type of punch. Some are fruitier, while others create an oriental vibe. Finally, there are some fragrances that are so unique, they need a category of their own. Here are the top four best smelling Michael Kors perfumes to buy this summer.

  • Sexy Rio De Janeiro

Michael Kors’ Sexy Rio de Janeiro fragrance is a floral and fruity scent perfect for a true seductress. Its top note is of mango, while the middle notes are jasmine and honeysuckle. All these aromas are beautifully grounded by a mysterious vanilla base note that is bound to add a sensual and voluptuous air to each one of your appearances.

This enticing perfume is ideal during the daytime, especially when the weather is warm. Due to this, it is our top pick for summer 2018 as far as the Michael Kors fragrance line goes. If you are a fan of oriental scents, Sexy Rio de Janeiro is a suitable choice. The small 30ml bottle retails for around 40 dollars, which is a fair price for such a delightfully seasonal scent.

  • Exotic Blossom

If you are looking for something more tropical than Sexy Rio de Janeiro, then you will love Exotic Blossom by Michael Kors. The crisp scent of rose petals blends together beautifully with juicy mango notes, which are then embraced by a warm and woodsy hint of musk. To top it all off, there is a subtle touch of vanilla to add a certain spice to the mix.

Exotic Blossom is a floral and fruity scent that will make the perfect accessory to take with you on holiday. Even if you’re not going to an island resort this summer, you can still feel like you’re on the beach once the first mist of the fragrance hugs your body. Its silky and smooth aroma will transport you to sunny and sultry lands far, far away in the blink of an eye.

  • Wonderlust Sensual Essence

Fruity and tropical scents are fine for a warm summer day spent in the city or by the pool, but special occasions require something a bit more elegant. This is where the Wonderlust Sensual Essence by Michael Kors comes in. Its top notes of peony, pear, cherry blossom and pink pepper pageant around exquisite jasmine and orange blossom middle notes.

Deliciously earthy amber, velour, and cashmere serve as the base notes which ground the entire structure of the fragrance and bring it home. This oriental and floral scent is best suited for the sophisticated and vibrant woman who has to be in important places day and night, as it transitions beautifully into the evening.

  • Turquoise

Described as fresh, hypnotic, and sensual, Michael Kors’ Turquoise fragrance is seaside in a bottle. The epitome of aquatic scents, this delightfully invigorating scent sneaks up on you with high notes of lime, cucumber, and water lily. At the very middle, you are greeted by jasmine and wild orchid, two delicate, yet potent flowers.

Finally, its of musk cedarwood, and ambrox base notes come swooping in and linger for the rest of the day. Due to its pervasive cleanness, it is most suited for daytime wear. Its crisp and marine aroma is unique among perfumes, which makes Turquoise a rather stand out addition to your collection that is bound to take you out of the ordinary.

Final Thoughts

Michael Kors perfumes are known for their delicate, yet strong floral notes, as well as an aura of mystery which is lent to them by oriental scents such as amber and musk. These combine gorgeously with fruitier accents, as well as uniquely aquatic one, thus creating some of the best summer scents on the market. Which one are you going to choose?