5 Online Boutiques to Step Up Your 2021 Fashion Game

2020 was a wild ride that almost no one wants to get back on. It seems like nothing good happened in 2020…except for the fact that it finally turned 2021!

So when it comes to self-care in 2021, you know that you deserve a little pampering. Or a LOT of pampering. And until the COVID-19 pandemic starts to show signs of slowing down, no one will blame you for turning to the catharsis of online shopping.

5 Online Boutiques to Step Up Your 2021 Fashion Game

Here are 5 online boutiques to help you step up your fashion game in 2021, so you can get ready to be ready when stores reopen!


Edikted was founded by a group of designers with over 10 years of collective industry knowledge who wanted an on trend brand that they could enjoy AND afford. And so came the Edikted label.

A Gen-Z focused boutique, you can still find cute garments to match any style. The founders are committed to inclusivity that makes women feel confident and empowered. But they like to have fun and want their customers to feel like they can have fun and be fierce in their clothes, too! Edikted is about finding fashion that doesn’t take itself too seriously, and that’s an ethos anyone can get behind.


Everlane is a brand built on the back of the sustainability movement. While Everlane has had its share of controversies in the past few years, the brand has maintained its status as one of the #1 sustainable fashion brands worldwide.

They make sustainable clothing affordable by personally vetting their manufacturer supply chains and creating intimate relationships with their suppliers. They check in with them often, unlike other designers, and this ensures that all of their workers are getting fair hours and reasonable treatment by their employers. Every Black Friday, Everlane even donates their profits!

Everlane makes every type of basic you can conceive of, from camisoles to underwear to socks and even jeans. There is no sacrificing comfort for sustainability here, folks, as all of the high quality materials Everlane uses also happen to be super soft! You can even see how much each garment cost to make, to make sure you aren’t getting ripped off. How cool is that?


For over twenty years, the YOOX NET-A-PORTER group has provided high quality, luxury fashion pieces for fashion lovers. They say they have revolutionized the online shopping world when it comes to designer labels, describing themselves as “a unique luxury retail system.” And the proof is in the pudding. YOOX NET-A-PORTER group aims to blur the lines between online shopping and the brick-and-mortar world of fashion.

Their mission is to make luxury affordable and accessible to everyone. They aim to provide speedy, reactive customer service to their loyal base. YOOX is known across Europe as the last chance destination for under-the-radar designer goods, last season staples, and more. From work apparel to high fashion to shoes to home décor, YOOX is more than a clothing company.

Fashion Brand Company (FBC)

Fashion Brand Company (FBC) is known for its quirky style and totally unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. Once you see something in the “window” of its online store so to speak, you can bet that Fashion Brand Company has started a trend to be followed by high-end designers and fast fashion retailers alike.

But FBC is first and foremost a brand for consumers with a sense of humor. While the construction of the garments is impeccable and professional, the designer responsible for the clothing maintains that FBC is a fashion company “that is exclusively designed by, run by, and tailored to, lizards.”

While that is clearly a joke, FBC does not take quality lightly. They aim to construct high quality garments out of good materials, keep packaging minimal and use traditional methods of craftsmanship to guarantee a long-lasting, perfect fit for every piece.

Lazy Oaf

Lazy Oaf is an eclectic fashion house based out of London. Their focus is on eccentric styles, keeping their pieces weird and unique, and non-binary, non-gendered clothing pieces. Their garments feature bold patterns and audacious displays of confidence and self-expression.

British designer and illustrator Gemma Shield started the streetwear label with fellow weirdos in mind. She grew the company herself straight out of university in 2001 and hasn’t stopped since. Lazy Oaf is almost entirely an online endeavor, featuring stock from designers globally.

While Lazy Oaf is a brand aimed at adults, it encapsulates a youthful sense of humor that refuses to take anything—even ourselves—seriously.